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Indictment Roundup: March 2023

March’s Hillsborough County Superior Court – North Indictments include indictments for the November 2022 shooting at CVS, the October 2022 shooting incident near Dollar Deluxe, the January child assault investigation, the arrest in January after a baby was born in the woods, a December incident that included two SWAT standoffs in the same day, an October incident where a toddler passed away, and additional charges for Adam Montgomery.

236 indictments were handed down for 104 individuals, with 29% drug-related and 17% for assaults.

Out of the drug charges, almost 50% was for Heroin/Fentanyl and about 25% was for Crack/Crack Cocaine.

Below are some of the indictments included.

Violent Crimes:

  • Dominic J Cherbonneau of Manchester

    • Indictments: Riot (2), Attempted First Degree Assault with a Firearm (8)

    • Allegedly shot one person in the arm and shot at another 8 times.

    • This is in relation to the November 2022 shooting near CVS, which has resulted in multiple arrests.

  • Levi Glum of Manchester

    • Indictments: Attempted First Degree Assault, Reckless Conduct, PRCFF

    • Allegedly pointed a firearm at an occupied vehicle near Dollar Deluxe on Union St.

    • This is related to an October 2022 shooting incident. Glum was later found in Florida.

  • Dante Torres of Manchester

    • Indictment: Riot

    • Allegedly engaged in violent conduct with 2 or more people, including Dominic J Cherbonneau, which resulted in another person getting shot.

    • This is in relation to the November 2022 shooting near CVS, which has resulted in multiple arrests.

  • Deandre Anglade of Manchester

    • Indictments: Homicide, First Degree Assault (6)

    • Allegedly killed someone, shooting the victim in their head, neck, leg, shoulder, and arm.

  • Michelle Banks of Manchester

    • Indictment: Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly struck someone over the head with an aluminum broom stick.

  • Karen S Charette of Manchester

    • Indictment: Riot

    • Allegedly caused injury to another by engaging in tumultuous or violent conduct

  • Leo Cullinan of Manchester

    • Indictment: Assault by Prisoners

    • Allegedly struck Sgt. Considine on the head

  • Gregory W. Nickerson of Manchester

    • Indictments: Second Degree Assault (3)

    • Allegedly kicked someone in the chest, punched them in the nose, and strangled them, causing broken ribs and a broken nose.

  • Andrew Wilson of Springfield, VT

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct, Second Degree Assault, Tampering With Witnesses and Informants

    • Allegedly shot someone multple times in the face with a Glock BB gun and then sent a text saying “if you snitch, I’ll bring a whole bunch of bitches to beat your ass.”

Crimes Against Minors:

  • Murtadah Mohammad of Manchester

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault, Second Degree Assault (4), Falsifying Physical Evidence (2)

    • Allegedly caused injuried to his 7 year old son by: burning him with scalding water, striking him, and striking him with a cord, causing burns and injuries over multiple parts of his body. Then allegedly attempted to impede the investigation by deleting his phone log, and placing a pot on the stove to make the burns seem like they happened in the kitchen.

    • This is in relation to the January child assault investigation where a 7-year-old boy who had suffered significant burns to his face and body. It was also reported that the boy was not conscious or breathing.

  • George Theberge of Hudson

    • Indictments: Tampering With Witnesses and Informants, Possession of Controlled Drug

    • Allegedly told Alexandra Eckersley to give false information to the police about where her newborn infant was

    • Theberge was arrested in January in connection to the birth of a baby in the woods.

  • Claudy Cassy of Manchester

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct, CDAAP (6), Manslaughter

    • Allegedly caused the death of an 2 year old by exposing the child to fentanyl and causing acute fentanyl intoxication

    • This is related to the October incident where Cassy’s son passed away.

  • Ralph R Fabrizio of Amherst

    • Indictment: Possession Of Child Sexual Abuse Images

    • Allegedly had a sexual image of a naked prepubescent female with a male.

  • Matthew Hunter of Manchester

    • Indictments: FSA, Simple Assault

    • Allegedly slapped the buttocks of someone under the age of 13

  • Jaime Raymundo-Perez of Manchester

    • Indictments: Felonious Sexual Assault (2)

    • Allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse with a minor under 16

  • Brittanie Shemchuk of Manchester

    • Indictment: Reckless Conduct

    • Allegedly was under the influence of alcohol, put her car in reverse, and almost hit her youngest child

  • Linda Stalzer of Manchester

    • Indictment: Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly put her daughter in a chokehold

Theft and Fraud:

  • Thomas Ash of Derry

    • Indictment: Theft by Unauthorized Taking

    • Allegedly stole a catalytic converter from Sepulveda Auto

  • Nickloas Boyce of Conway

    • Indictment: Robbery

    • Allegedly stole merchandise from Speedway at 311 Queen City Ave after threatening clerk with knife.

  • Joselito Cruz-Carmona of Manchester

    • Indictmentss: CFPDW, Criminal Threatening, Burglary, Theft by Unauthorized Taking (2), Criminal Mischief (2), Burglary (2)

    • Allegedly broke into the Sunbeam Mall and NH State Liquor Store, causing damage and removing merchandise including a case of Don Julio Tequila.

  • John Rundlett of Manchster

    • Indicment: Theft by Unauthorized Taking

    • Allegedly stole 3 bottles of Don Julio Tequila from the State Liquor Store

  • Kristie Tetreault of Manchester

    • Indictments: Robbery (2), CDAAP

    • Allegedly pulled someone out of a car by their hair, struck them several times, and stole their cell phone and purse

Driving Incidents:

  • Benjamin Defosses of Concord

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct (3), Motor Vehicles Penalities

    • Allegedly attempted to evade police by driving the wrong way down Maple St., through a Burger King parking lot, and down Crosbie St. at a high rate of speed.

  • Laurie R Keith of Manchester

    • Indictment: Reckless Conduct

    • Allegedly led police on a chase in her red BMW

  • Kelly McLeod of Manchester

    • Indictment: Criminal Restraint

    • Allegedly prevented someone from leaving his vehicle while driving erratically and at a high rate of speed

  • Aaron E Plourde of Manchester

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct, Criminal Threatening

    • Allegedly crashed his car into another’s and slammed a metal bat into a guardrail during a verbal altercation


  • Tyler Campbell of Manchester

  • Adam Montgomery of Manchester

  • Mikayla Anglade of Manchester

    • Indictments: Attempted First Degree Assault (2), Reckless Conduct (2), Criminal Threatening (2)

    • Allegedly drove a vehicle at multiple people

  • Aaron Hodgdon of Weare

    • Indictments: Stalking, Reckless Conduct with a Deadly Weapon, Arson

    • Allegedly poured gasoline in the bed of a pickup and lit it on fire

  • Ricardo A Rosario of Manchester

    • Indictments: Sale of Controlled Drugs (8)

    • Allegedly sold 5+ grams of fentanyl and Oxycodone to a confidential informant multiple times


The following abbreviations are used: AFSA (Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault), FSA (Felonious Sexual Assault), PRCFF (Pistols & Revolvers; Convicted Felons, Felony), PRACC (Pistols & Revolvers; Armed Career Criminals), CDAAP (Controlled Drug Act; Acts Prohibited), CFPDW (Convicted Felon in Possession of Dangerous Weapon)

All the indictments are dependent on evidence brought before the Grand Jury and the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Previous indictment roundups - 2023: January; February; 2022: August, September, October, November, December

From left to right: (top) Cassy, Mohammad, Torres, (middle) Glum, Montgomery, Cherbonneau, Campbell, Anglade, Theberge

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