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Indictment Roundup: November 2022

November’s Hillsborough County Superior Court – North Indictments include indictments related to the September Rail Trail stabbing that killed Daniel Whitmore, the June stabbing behind 241 Pine St and Pericles Club, the fatal Peterborough crash in September, August shooting on Amherst St, the August shooting incident on Country Club Drive, the August manhunt on the South end of Manchester, and a 2020 wrongful voting incident in Hooksett.

About 20% of all indictments were drug-related, and 17% were weapons-related. The number of drug-related indictments decreased by 54% from last month.

Assault and Sexual Assault indictments rose from last month: Assault increased from 14 to 20 indictments, or a 43% increase, and Sexual Assault from 2 to 13 indictments, well over a 100% increase.

Out of the drug charges, almost 50% were related to fentanyl.

Below are some of the indictments included.

Violent Crimes:

  • Drew Fortier of Manchester

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault (2)

    • Allegedly struck multiple people with a baseball bat, fracturing a skill of one victim and hitting the other in the forearms

    • These charges are in relation to the August manhunt on the South end of Manchester.

  • Katon Lang of Manchester

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault (2), PRCFF, Attempted Murder

    • Allegedly stabbed a person

    • These charges are in relation to the June stabbing behind 241 Pine St and Pericles Club. Lang was out on bail for a Domestic Violence charge at the time.

  • Raymond Moore of Manchester

  • Yoesmith Sosa Perez of Manchester

    • Indictment: Attempted Murder

    • Allegedly shot someone

    • This charge is related to the August shooting on Amherst St.

  • Michael Feole of Manchester

    • Indictments: Second Degree Assault, CDAAP (2)

    • Allegedly hid cocaine and 40 Adderall pills in a motorcycle helmet and struck victim with a motorcycle helmet

  • Cody King-Kimball of Weare

    • Indictments: AFSA (2)

    • Allegedly performed sexual acts on the victim after she said “No, I don’t want to do this.”

Crimes Against Minors:

  • Caitlyn O’Malley of Manchester

    • Indictments: Second Degree Assault (2)

    • Allegedly caused injury to two children under 13 by tossing one into a table and slapping another which caused the child to fall into a chair

  • Jerome Thompson of Manchester

    • Indictments: Possession of Child Sexual Abuse Images (10)

    • Allegedly possessed images depicting children from the ages of 1-12 engaged in sexual acts with adults and other children.

  • Mark Turgeon of Dunbarton

    • Indictment: AFSA

    • Allegedly sexually assaulted a child under the age of 13, who was likely 5 at the time of the incident.

  • Daniel Lee Williams of Deering

    • Indictment: Possession of Child Sexual Abuse Images

    • Allegedly possessed an image of a female under the age of 10 in a sexual position

Theft and Fraud:

  • Sean Dashnaw of Concord

    • Indictments: Receiving Stolen Property

    • Allegedly retained a stolen Harley Davidson

  • Mammadagha Mammadov of Burlington, MA

    • Indictment: Insurance Fraud

    • Allegedly reported that an accident occurred after buying an insurance policy from Progressive when it actually occurred before purchasing the policy

  • Justin Martin of Manchester

    • Indictments: Theft by Unauthorized Taking (3)

    • Allegedly stole merchandise from Walmart and CVS

  • Michael Watson of Manchester

    • Indictments: Theft by Unauthorized Taking (2)

    • Allegedly stole from Best Buy on two separate occasions

  • Jesse Vajgrt of Hillsborough

    • Indictments: PRCFF, False Personation

    • Allegedly pulled someone over using lights affixed to his car and falsely identified himself as a Federal Agent

Driving Incidents:

  • Amanda M Fogg of West Townshend, VT

    • Indictment: Negligent Homicide

    • Allegedly caused the death of Lisa Johnson when Fogg crashed a vehicle by leaving the appropriate lane of travel.

    • This charge is in relation to the fatal Peterborough crash in September that killed Lisa Johnson and injured two others.

  • Keven Robert Todd of Union

    • Indictments: Falsifying Physical Evidence, Reckless Conduct

    • Allegedly drove 30 mph+ over a 30 mph speed limit, ran a stop sign, crashed, and then emptied and threw beer bottles from his car into the woods.


  • Michael Lewis of Marietta, GA

    • Indictment: Wrongful Voting

    • Allegedly voted in an election he was not qualified to vote in

    • This is related to a 2020 incident in Hooksett where Lewis was accused of filling out a same-day registration ballot, without identification.

  • Seth Shea of Manchester

    • Indictment: Reckless Conduct

    • Allegedly fired a 9 mm handgun in the area of 121 Country Club Drive, which is a densely populated area with apartments and a basketball court

    • This is related to the August shooting incident that left no injuries.

  • Jacob Doyle of Hillsboro

    • Indictments: Criminal Threatening (2)

    • Allegedly threatened victim with a pepperball air pistol saying “pop off bro, run your mouth, say something”

  • Lynn M Geddes-Morin of Hillsboro

    • Indictments: Attempted Arson, Reckless Conduct, Arson (2)

    • Allegedly started a fire at 276 Second New Hampshire Turnpike which damaged a doormat

  • Deandra Thompson of Haverhill, MA

    • Indictments: Arson (2)

    • Allegedly poured gasoline and lighter fluid on a 2018 Audi and attempted to light it on fire


The following abbreviations are used: AFSA (Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault), FSA (Felonious Sexual Assault), PRCFF (Pistols & Revolvers; Convicted Felons, Felony), PRACC (Pistols & Revolvers; Armed Career Criminals), CDAAP (Controlled Drug Act; Acts Prohibited)

All the indictments are dependent on evidence brought before the Grand Jury and the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Previous indictment roundups: August, September, October

From left to right: (top): Fortier, Moore, Lang, (bottom) Shea, Perez


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