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Indictment Roundup: January 2023

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

January's Hillsborough County Superior Court – North Indictments include indictments related to the October shooting near the Mall of New Hampshire, the November jail assault, the birth of a baby in the woods in December, a man who has been arrested multiple times while out on bail, an October wrong-way driver, the murder of Harmony Montgomery, and the death of a 10-week old puppy.

194 indictments were handed down for 88 individuals and over 25% of those indictments were drug-related. 18% were Witness Tampering, 13% were Theft/Fraud/Robbery, and 12% were Assault.

Out of the drug charges, over 75% were related to fentanyl, methamphetamine, or cocaine, with just under half of that being fentanyl.

Below are some of the indictments included.

Violent Crimes:

  • Tyrese Harris of Manchester

  • Raymond Moore of Manchester

    • Indictments: Assaults by Prisoners

    • Allegedly threw urine and feces at an employee of the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections.

    • This is related to the November incident where Moore allegedly yelled “I’ll flood this shit” while throwing the urine and feces. Moore is currently being held after the September stabbing near Nutts Poind that killed Daniel Witmore.

  • Jose Dejesus of Manchester

    • Indictments: Cruelty to Animals

    • Allegedly beat a dog named Simba

    • This is related to a November incident where a 10-week-old puppy was brought to the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester for whining and yelping loudly and appearing to be having seizures; the puppy ended up passing away.

  • Jeffrey Chessie of Bedford

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault

    • Allegedly struck someone with a baseball bat

  • Peter Guy of Milford

    • Indictment: Assaults by Prisoners

    • Allegedly bit Officer Zarzyckis on the ear

  • Derek King of Manchester

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault (3)

    • Allegedly struck someone with an expandable baton in the head and leg

  • Nicholas Novia of Raymond

    • Indictments: Robbery, Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly punched someone in the face and then strangled them when they tried to stop him from leaving Macy’s with stolen goods

Crimes Against Minors:

  • Alexandra Eckersley of Manchester

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct, Falsifying Physical Evidence, Second-Degree Assault (2)

    • Allegedly abandoned her newborn infant in the extreme cold and concealed the location of the newborn from authorities

    • This is related to the December incident where Alexandra Eckersley’s baby was prematurely born in the woods and rushed to the hospital. A man was also arrested in relation to this incident.

Theft and Fraud:

  • Luis Concepcion of Manchester

    • Indictments: Receiving Stolen Property, Falsifying Physical Evidence, Theft by Deception, Theft by Unauthorized Taking

    • Allegedly had a stolen Capital One Visa and attempted to use it to purchase $95.98 worth of merchandise at Brother’s Express; also allegedly stole a 2020 Orange Kia Forte

    • Luis Concepcion has been arrested multiple times recently, including for a robbery resulting in a police chase and a no show in court while out on bail, as well as an arrest last year for an attempted armed robbery.

  • Adam Montgomery of Manchester

    • Indictments: Second Degree Murder, Falsifying Physical Evidence, Tampering with Witnesses and Informants

    • Allegedly killed Harmony Montgomery by striking her head with his fist, then altered or concealed her body, and attempted to induce Kayla Montgomery to testify or induce falsely.

    • This is related to the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery, which became a homicide investigation in August, just months after evidence, including a freezer/fridge, was removed from a building on Union St. Kayla Montgomery accepted a plea deal in November for two perjury charges and is expected to testify against Adam.

  • Alidu Bashiru of Manchester

    • Indictments: Receiving Stolen Property

    • Allegedly sold a stolen Cub Cadet Zero-Turn law tractor

  • Michelle Banks of Manchester

    • Indictments: Falsifying Physical Evidence

    • Allegedly removed a shopping bag of stolen goods from Bunny’s to impair an investigation

  • Lavell Brown of Manchester

    • Indictments: Insurance Fraud (3)

    • Allegedly attempted to reinstate a lapsed insurance policy within hours after an automobile accident, while verbally denying any accident or damage to the vehicle and lying about the time the accident occured.

  • Kyle Gerrish of Concord

    • Indictments: Willful Concealment, Bail Jumping

    • Allegedly failed to appear while out on bail and stole 3 Xboxes and a suitcase from Walmart

  • Jonathan Lopez of Manchester

    • Indictment: Theft by Unauthorized Taking

    • Allegedly stole $3,020 in cash from Walmart

  • Arthur W Lyon, Jr of Manchester

    • Indictments: Insurance Fraud (3)

    • Allegedly filed a claim on a hit-and-run accident that occurred before the insurance policy was issued

  • Brian Mitchell of Manchester

    • Indictments: Burglary, Theft by Unauthorized Taking

    • Allegedly entered Henry’s Collision Center when it was closed and allegedly stole a 2021 Dodge Ram

Driving Incidents:

  • Douglas W. Lippert of Milford

    • Indictment: Reckless Conduct

    • Allegedly drove his vehicle on the wrong side of the highway and crashed into another

    • This is related to an October incident on Interstate 93.

  • Charles Esaia of Manchester

    • Indictment: Conduct After Accident

    • Allegedly involved in an accident that caused injury and drove away from the scene of the accident


  • Aden H Abo of Manchester

    • Indictments: Falsifying Physical Evidence

    • Allegedly switched license plates on a Toyota Rav4 with plates that were not registered to the Toyota

  • Joshua Bowden of Alton Bay

    • Indictments: Taking a Firearm From a Law Enforcement Officer

    • Allegedly grabbed the handle of a Sargent’s gun from the Amherst Police Department.

  • Craig Carter of Manchester

    • Indictments: Witness Tampering (16)

    • Allegedly messaged someone providing information to Bedford PD, stating “You think I’m just going to let you go?” “I’m coming for you you kno I am on tha run,” ”I am for real,” It’s Craig,”

  • Tyler Densmore of Manchester

    • Indictments: CDDAAP, Indecent Exposure and Lewdness Subseuent Offense

    • Allegedly allowed another to perform oral sex on him, in front of another person, in the lobby of 200 Hanover St

  • Robert Donnelly of New Boston

    • Indictments: Criminal Threatening

    • Allegedly pulled a chainsaw from his truck and attempted to start it while telling another person that he was going to kill him

  • Paul Laplante of Manchester

    • Indictment: Reckless Conduct

    • Allegedly fired a weapon through his bedroom floor and into the kitchen below where someone else was present

  • Nichelle Nichols of Manchester

    • Indictment: Delivery of Articles into a County Correctional Facility, Illegal Possession of Controlled Drug with Intent to Sell, Illegal Possession of Controlled Drugs

    • Allegedly had 27 grams of fentanyl hidden in her undergarments during a body search at Hillsborough County Jail as a prisoner there

  • Nicholas Rackliffe of Weare

    • Indictment: Criminal Mischief

    • Allegedly shattered the windshield and driver’s side windows, dented the rear bed, and made pickaxe holes in multiple locations of a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

  • Justin Sales of Manchester

    • Indictments: Witness Tampering (17)

    • Allegedly told a witness “if she wanted to, she could go to the courthouse and get the whole thing squashed right now,” as well as calling to discuss the “game plan” for the witness’ interview with the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office, as well as advising the witness to claim having amnesia and to say that “We were having kinky sex and it got out of hand!”


The following abbreviations are used: AFSA (Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault), FSA (Felonious Sexual Assault), PRCFF (Pistols & Revolvers; Convicted Felons, Felony), PRACC (Pistols & Revolvers; Armed Career Criminals), CDAAP (Controlled Drug Act; Acts Prohibited)

All the indictments are dependent on evidence brought before the Grand Jury and the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Previous indictment roundups for 2022: August, September, October, November, December

Left to right: (top) Harris, Eckersley, Concepcion, (bottom), Moore, Montgomery, Dejesus


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