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Indictment Roundup: October 2022

October’s Hillsborough County Superior Court – North Indictments include indictments related to the Mobile Station attempted kidnapping, the Bronstein Park stabbing, the police chase that ended on Second St., the Second St. arson, the attempted robbery of a taxi driver, and the man who threatened people and a police K9 with a knife.

About 38% of all indictments were drug-related, and 19% were theft/robbery/burglary. The number of drug-related indictments increased by 44% from last month.

Out of the drug charges, about 40% were related to fentanyl, 29% were related to methamphetamine. The number of methamphetamine charges increased by 86% from last month.

Below are some of the indictments included.

Violent Crimes:

  • Joshua Bowden of Alton Bay

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault, Kidnapping,

    • Allegedly worked with Elias Dawley to terroize victim by confining them to the front seat of a car as the only way to escape was to leave the vehicle while in motion and then struck the victim with the car

    • This is related to the August attempted kidnapping at 1602 Elm. St. Mobile Station. Photo below.

  • Robin Campbell of Manchester

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault (2)

    • Allegedly stabbed the victim in the armpit and shoulder with a knife

    • This is related to the July Bronstein Park stabbing where Campbell was soon after arrested near Manchester City Library. Photo below.

  • Ryan Freeman of Manchester

    • Indictments: Second Degree Assault, Conduct After Accident, Reckless Conduct (4)

    • Allegedly drove vehicle into side of MPD vehicle causing injury to an officer and left scene.

  • Christopher E Hayward of Epsom

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct (2)

    • Allegedly struck an officer with his car when he fled a traffic stop and ran multiple red lights and crossed over street lines at a high rate of speed.

    • This is related to the July police chase that ended when Hayward become unresponsive and crashed on Second Street. Photo below.

  • Emmanuel Matthews of Manchester

    • Indictments: CDAAP, Criminal Threatening (2)

    • Allegedly told victim to “get away from me or I’m gonna cut you” while brandishing a box cutter type knife and in possession of buprenorphine

  • Charles Maynard of Manchester

    • Indictment: Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly struck victim in the face causing fractures

  • Robert Philbrick of Manchester

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault, PRCFF, Criminal Threatening

    • Allegedly lunged and thrashed a knife at the victim

    • This is related to the August incident where after Philbrick allgedly threatened a man, then hid from police, and threatened to stab the K9 that found him. Photo below.

  • John Santana-Cedeno of Manchester

    • Indictment: Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly threw a person from a moving vehicle

Crimes Against Minors:

  • Ahmed Abukar of Manchester

    • Indictments: Criminal Restraint, Kidnapping, Simple Assault, Simple Assault on a Police Officer

    • Allegedly enticed a minor away from her parents, into a Dollar Deluxe, and then headbutted a police officer.

    • These indictments are in addition to the August indictment of Kidnapping. Photo below.

  • Rafael Mortan of Manchester

    • Indictments: Second Degree Assault, Receiving Stolen Property, Burglary, Possession of a Controlled Drug (2)

    • Allegedly pinched a child’s shoulder and caused a red mark, was in possession of a stolen Dodge Dart, entered a residence at night, and was in possession of amphetamine/dextraoamphetamine and Clonazepam.

  • William Santana of Hudson

    • Indictments: Second Degree Assault (2)

    • Allegedly grabbed a child under 13 by his arms and neck and held him up in the air, causing brusing.

Theft and Fraud:

  • Tylor C Angers of Nashua

    • Indictments: Theft by Unauthorized Taking, Possession of a Controlled Drug, Falsifying Physical Evidence

    • Allegedly stole $15 from a tip jar while in the possession of fentanyl

  • Luis Concepcion of Manchester

    • Indictment: Robbery

    • Allegedly held a gun to the victim’s head and said “I have a gun, give me all your money.”

    • This is related to a September attempted robbery of a taxi driver. Photo below.

  • Catherine Gagne of Manchester

    • Indictments: Burglary, Theft by Unauthorized Taking (5)

    • Allegedly stole credit cards, a Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, Ipad Pro, Ipad Air, Playstation 4, Liv Road Bicycle, jewelry, Patagonia backpack from a residential property and additional goods from Marketbasket and Vaporamas.

  • Wayne Saykaly II of Manchester

    • Indictments: Identity Fraud (8)

    • Allegedly used another’s name, address, date of birth, and social security number to obtain credit cards from Empower Banking, SoFi Money, Wicket, Current Credit, and a debit card from Venmo, as well as using another person’s TD Bank debit card to obtain information about the person.

  • Matthew Siwik of Manchester

    • Indictments: Theft by Unauthorized Taking (2)

    • Allegedly stole an Apple iPhone XR and sold it

  • Michael Stevens of Manchester

    • Indictments: Theft by Deception (2), Receiving Stolen Property (3), Burglary (2), Theft by Unauthorized Taking, Conspiracy to Commit Burglary

    • Allegedly received solten credit and/or debit cards and used them to pay for goods at Market Basket. Additionally, broke into multiple residences and stole items including a firearm.

  • Kaysie Thibodeau of Manchester

    • Indictments: Theft by Unauthorized Taking, Fraudulent Use of Credit Card

    • Allegedly stole over $8,000 from another person’s bank accounts.

Driving Incidents:

  • Gregg Malisos of Manchester

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct, Receiving Stolen Property

    • Allegedly drove the wrong way on Chestnut Street while fleeing the police on a stolen moped


  • Clarence Collins of New York City

    • Indictments: Sale of a Controlled Drug (Subsequent Offense) (3), Drug Enterprise Leader, Possession with Intent to Distribute (Subsequent Offense) (4)

    • Allegedly conspired with Rachael Mount and/or a confidential informant to bring and/or sell methamphetamine into New Hampshire, after previously being convicted for possession and/or trafficking drugs in New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania

  • David Hiltz of Goffstown

    • Indictment: Arson

    • Allegedly burned a flag on the side of Putnam’s Waterview Restaurant

  • Edgardo Pacheco of Manchester

    • Indictments: PRCFF, Criminal Threatening, Arson

    • Allegedly swung a machete at a person and on a separate occasion set fire to an apartment.

    • This is related to the August fire on Second Street; Pacheco was arrested soon after.

  • Abdi Rasulo of Manchester

    • Indictment: Falsifying Physical Evidence

    • Allegedly removed a license plate of a vehicle involved in a shooting


  • The following abbreviations are used: AFSA (Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault), FSA (Felonious Sexual Assault), PRCFF (Pistols & Revolvers; Convicted Felons, Felony), PRACC (Pistols & Revolvers; Armed Career Criminals), CDAAP (Controlled Drug Act; Acts Prohibited)

  • All the indictments are dependent on evidence brought before the Grand Jury and the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

  • Previous indictment roundups: August, September.

From left to right: (top) Philbrick, Concepcion, Abukar, (bottom) Campbell, Bowden, Hayward


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