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Indictment Roundup: August 2022

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

August's Hillsborough County Superior Court – North Indictments include additional indictments for Adam and Kayla Montgomery, multiple indictments for child pornography and assault, and indictments for the Elm St road rage shooting, the July high-speed police chase, and the May Cedar St. shooting.

Violent Crimes:

  • Megan L. Arseneault of Merrimack

    • Indictment: Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly bit another person, leaving a scar

  • Brandy Cathcart of Nashua

    • Indictment: Assault by Prisoners, Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly, while in custody as an inmate, struck another multiple times

  • Raymond Marshall of Manchester

    • Indictment: First Degree Assault

    • Allegedly stabbed the victim with a knife

  • Jean Carlo Medina-Correa of Manchester

    • Indictments: First Degree Assault, Reckless Conduct with a Firearm (2), Criminal Threatening (2), Attempted Murder

    • Allegedly shot at multiple people

    • These charges stem from the July shooting incident from a vehicle at Elm and Bridge St. Photo below.

  • Lenon Munoz-Benitez of Londonderry

    • Indictment: Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly struck someone in the head with a glass bottle, causing a laceration

  • Eduardo Vazquez of Lawrence, MA

    • Indictments: Attempted Murder, Reckless Conduct (2)

    • Allegedly shot firearm into an occupied structure

    • These charges stem from the May Cedar St shooting. Vazquez was arrested in Puerto Rico by U.S. Marshals.

  • Gregory Watson of Manchester

    • Indictment: Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly struck victim, breaking several teeth

Crimes against minors:

  • Ahmed Abukar of Manchester

    • Indictment: Kidnapping

    • Allegedly lured a child under 10 into a store with the intent to conceal child from parents

    • Abukar has been previously arrested for groping and attempting to lure teens to his home. He was also involved with the 2021 fatal crash that led to an angry crowd at the scene. Photo below.

  • David Campbell of Manchester

    • Indictments: Receiving Stolen Property, Indecent Exposure and Lewdness

    • Allgedly received a stolen wallet and exposed genitals around children under 16

  • Nicholas Carrero of Manchester

    • Indictments: Receiving Stolen Property, Possession of Child Sexual Abuse Images, Manufacture of Child Abuse Images, Distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Images

    • Allgedly possessed a stolen handgun and also produced with the intent to distribute a sexually explicit video with a minor under 18.

  • Donald Desmarias III of Concord

    • Indictments: AFSA, FSA, Indecent Exposure and Lewedness, AFSA - Pattern Assault

    • Allegedly sexually assaulted child under 13 by fellatio and putting the victim on top of him and making her “ride him like a horse” over a period of two months

  • Thomas Jarvis of Manchester

    • Indictment: FSA

    • Allegedly laid down nude next to a child under 13 and pressed his genitals against the child’s back

  • Brandon Kidder of Hancock

    • Indictments: FSA (3)

    • Allegedly penetrated a minor between the ages of 13 and 16 multiple times

  • William Merrell of Manchester

    • Indictments: AFSA, Attempted AFSA

    • Allegedly licked genital opening of child under 13

  • Jason Morton of Manchester

    • Indictments: Nonconsensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images, Distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Images

    • Allegedly sent private sexual images of a minor to the minor’s parents

  • Thomas Suter of Manchester

    • Indictments: Possession of Child Sexual Abuse Images (10)

    • Allegedly possessed videos of child sexual abuse including children having intercourse with other children and children having intercourse with male and female adults.

Theft and Fraud:

  • Dario Abruzzese of Manchester

    • Indictment: Theft by Unauthorized Taking

    • Allegedly stole a 2018 Audi Q5 from a driveway

  • Ronnie Arias of Bronx, NH

    • Indictments: Identity Fraud (2), Attempted Theft by Deception

    • Allegedly posed as another person to obtain over $1,500 from Santander Bank

  • Justin Bell of Hancock, NH

    • Indictments: Theft by Unauthorized Taking, Burglary

    • Allegedly stole more than $1,500 from a safe of The Mathewson Company

  • Timothy D. Cox of Manchester

    • Indictment: Forgery

    • Allegedy uttered a check for $2,887.99 falsely from M & JC Property Management, LLC.

  • Jake P. Demeritt of Epsom

    • Indictments: Receiving Stolen Property (3)

    • Allegedly received stolen 2007 Chevrolet pickup, 1999 Subaru, and Trek Bicycle

  • Michael Robillard of Manchester

    • Indictments: Resisting Arrest or Detention, Burglary, Theft by Unauthorized Taking

    • Allegedly stole a Dodge van from NH Total Home Care

  • Scott D. Titus of Manchester

    • Indictments: Burglary, Falsifying Physical Evidence

    • Allegedly removed a surveillance camera when entering a home at night

  • Jami L. Van Lier of Hooksett

    • Indictments: Robbery, Falsifying Physical Evidence

    • Allegedly demanded money from victim while holding up a box cutter and then hid $300 from the robbery in a closet

Driving Incidents:

  • Kenneth Bradford of Manchester

    • Indictments: Sale of a Controlled Drug, Possession of a Controlled Drug (3), Possession of a Controlled Drug with Intent to Sell, Conduct After an Accident, Reckless Conduct with a Deadly Weapon, Second Degree Assault

    • Allegedly hit and run against another vehicle, causing injury to the other person

  • Grant E. Davreau of Manchester

    • Indictment: Negligent Homicide

    • Allegedly operated motorcycle at excessive speed, crashing and causing fatal head injuries to passenger

    • This charge is related to the 2021 accident at Pine and Willow, killing Paige Parkinson, 25.

  • Justin Dutton of Manchester

    • Indictment: Reckless Conduct

    • Allegedly drove over 120 mph, weaving around traffic, and driving in breakdown lane while attempting to evade NH State Police

    • These charges stem from a July police chase involving a helicopter and tire deflation devices that ultimately ended on Valley St.

  • Alex Presinal-Tejeda of Lawrence, MA

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct, Falsifying Physical Evidence

    • Allegedly drove at a high rate of speed throughout central Manchester

  • Owen Stowell of Londonderry

    • Indictments: Reckless Conduct (3), Criminal Mischief, Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated (2)

    • Allegedly drove 30 mph over the speed limit, while under the influence of alcohol and/or a combination of alcohol and drugs, putting others including a police officer in danger and damaging over $1,500 worth of property

  • Jason Timmons of Manchester

    • Indictment: Reckless Conduct

    • Allegedly placed another in danger by riding his motorcycle


  • Anthony Bayne, Taryn Santiago, Nyah Ariel Velasquez, and Nicole Marie Watley, all of Manchester

    • Indictment: Riot

    • Allegedly assembled with the purpose of assaulting two people in a Texas Roadhouse parking lot.

  • Edward I. Esty of Hillsboro

    • Indictment: Tampering With Witnesses and Informants

    • Allegedly attempted to induce a person to withhold information from the police by saying “If you continue to talk to the police, I will fuck your wife in your bed” and stating that the person was “fucking with his freedom” while pacing in the person’s residence with clenched fists

  • Michael Hughes of Manchester

    • Indictment: Taking a Firearm From Law Enforcement Officer

    • Allegedly grabbed an officer’s handgun while resisting arrest from that officer

  • Kelsey Mccabe of Manchester

    • Indictment: Tampering With Witnesses and Informants

    • Allegedly asked someone to lie about a vape found in her room

  • Adam Montgomery of Manchester

    • Indictments: Armed Career Criminal (2), Felon in Possession of Firearm (2)

    • These charges are in addition to his previous indictments.

  • Kayla Montgomery of Manchester

    • Indictment: Perjury (2)

    • Allegedly testified falsely about a prior work location and time of prior work shift

  • Joseph O’Rourke of Manchester

    • Indictment: Escape

    • Allegedly signed out of the NH State Prison for Men at the Calumet House for a medical appointment and never returned

    • O’Rourke was caught after a foot chase starting at Shaw’s.


  • The following abbreviations are used: AFSA (Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault), FSA (Felonious Sexual Assault)

  • All the indictments are dependent on evidence brought before the Grand Jury and the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Ahmed Abukar, left, and Jean Carlo Medina-Correa, right


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