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Man Out On Bail Arrested In Second Standoff In Less Than 48 Hours

MANCHESTER, NH - Manchester Police responded to Myrtle Street for a man outside of a residence yelling at a relative. When police arrived they were told that Tyler Campbell, 30 who had been recently involved in a stand-off had run into the residence.

Sources say they could hear items being smashed inside the residence on the second floor. Police set up a perimeter to keep the person contained in one area and keep bystanders away.

A new MPD armored vehicle was set up and moved in front of the residence to be used so that officers could be shielded from possible gunfire.

People in the neighborhood gathered in disbelief that the person was involved in the second incident in less than 24 hours and had been let out on bail.

After negotiators worked for over two hours and asked several times over a loudspeaker to come out, Tyler Campbell exited the house. Officers ordered him to put his hands up and lay on the ground where he was placed in custody. He was removed from the scene and placed in a cruiser to be transported from the scene.

Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said Campbell will be charged with violation of bail, and further investigation will determine if he will face additional charges.

Several neighbors who spoke at the scene expressed concern that Campbell was out, and worried he would be released on bail again. Neighbors spoke about how quiet and crime-free the neighborhood usually is, and are disturbed at two incidents in 24 hours.

©Jeffrey Hastings


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