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Kayla Montgomery Sentenced For Two Counts Of Perjury

Kayla Montgomery, the stepmother of 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery, pleaded guilty to two counts of Perjury today.

These charges related to statements Montgomery made to a grand jury in May about the last time she allegedly saw Harmony. Senior Assistant Attorney General Jesse O'Neill stated that if the case went to court, evidence would show Montgomery stated she saw Harmony last before starting a shift at a Goffstown Dunkin Donuts, but the investigation showed Montgomery had not been employed by Dunkin Donuts at the time.

Honorable Judge Amy Messer accepted the fully negotiated plea deal and sentenced Montgomery to the recommended 3.5 to 7 years in the New Hampshire State Prison for women, with an agreement that 1.5 years of the minimum sentence will be suspended for 10 years. Kayla Montgomery will receive 197 days of credit for time already served.

The sentence for the second perjury charge also brings 3.5 to 7 years, which will all be suspended for 10 years.

Given the credit for time served and sentence suspensions, Montgomery could serve as little as 1.5 years.

Kayla Montgomery has never been charged in connection to the disappearance or death of Harmony Montgomery. Adam Montgomery, the father of Harmony, was accused of second-degree murder.

Kayla Montgomery will waive all rights to a trial as part of the plea and is mandated to cooperate and testify in the trial of Adam Montgomery.


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