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Man Arrested After Threatening People, Police Dog With Knife

On August 14, 2022, at approximately 12:30 AM, Manchester Police responded to 435 Hanover St for a report of a man threatening 2 people with a knife.

Police learned that the victims had initially encountered a man and woman outside the building. They told police the man, identified as 23-year-old Robert Philbrick, had exchanged words with them. Philbrick immediately became hostile, screaming, cursing, and threatening them with a large knife. The victims reported that Philbrick lunged at them with the knife, making a slashing motion.

The victims were able to go inside the building and into an apartment. Shortly after, Philbrick began banging on the door screaming for them to come out, and they decided to call 911.

Given the circumstances, arriving officers set up a perimeter outside the building, and additional units were called to the scene, along with the bearcat.

Multiple announcements were made for Philbrick and the woman to come outside, but they did not do so. In an attempt to get the two to come out, officers broke a first-floor window. Several people came out of the building at that point, but Philbrick was not among them.

SWAT members were called to the scene, and an officer and a K9 entered the basement. The K9 located Philbrick hiding under a table surrounded by a mattress, pallets, and other items. Philbrick began kicking at the police dog and threatening to stab the animal.

SWAT attempted to negotiate with Philbrick, ordering him to surrender, but this was unsuccessful. Officers used OC, a chemical agent commonly referred to as pepper spray, on Philbrick. He was eventually taken out of his hiding spot and taken into custody.

Philbrick was charged with 3 felony counts of Criminal Threatening, Attempted First Degree Assault, Felon in Possession of a Deadly Weapon, Willful Interference with Police Dogs, and Resisting Arrest. Philbrick was scheduled for arraignment in Hillsborough Superior Court North today, August 15, 2022.


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