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Rapist Justin Sales Accused Of Working With Murder Suspect Tyrese Harris To Contact Victim From Jail

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

MANCHESTER, NH - Justin Sales who was recently found guilty of 46 felonies in a trial involving rape, assault, and witness tampering is now facing more charges for allegedly working with cellmate Tyrese Harris the alleged murderer of a truck driver on South Willow Street.

Sales was convicted by a jury in March of 46 felony charges and found innocent of 6 felonies. The trial involved the rape of a woman he knew, and multiple charges of reaching out to her directly or through other people that led to witness tampering, and violation of no-contact orders.

Sales was a cellmate with Tyrese Harris according to court paperwork and solicited the assistance of Harris to use recorded communication on jail-issued tablets, and phone calls to continue to make contact with the rape and assault victim.

Harris is charged with Stalking, according to court paperwork: "On March 21st with the purpose of promoting or facilitating the commission of the offense of stalking, acted as an accomplice with Justin Sales, or aided or agreed or attempted to aid Justin Sales in planning or committing stalking, when Harris acted in concert with Sales and Kathiuska Morales Castro to have a FaceBook message that stated “He says it’s okay, and it’s still 5X the world” sent to Sales victim." Kathiuska Morales Castro is identified in the paperwork as the girlfriend of Harris.

Sales was prohibited under several court orders not to contact the victim directly, or indirectly and also faces charges of facilitating the conversation through Harris.

Mark Putney investigator for Hillsborough County stated in an affidavit that during an investigation into “no contact violations and continued witness tampering Sales contacted or attempted to contact the victim 1,600 times by telephone and contacted her over 100 times by text/email between September 2022 and March of 2023." The victim had testified at a jury trial held in March and has moved away from the Manchester area.

The contact and attempted contact were done from the Hillsborough County House of Corrections (HCHOC) inmate calling system by utilizing HCHOC phones and issued tablets. The paperwork indicated that inmates know all calls and communication are subject to recording and monitoring.

Investigators found that Harris allegedly assisted and aided Sales by allowing Sales to use the HCHOC-issued tablet to call the victim while logged in under Harris’s credentials. Harris signed in 47 times allowing Sales to contact the victim according to court paperwork.

A phrase that investigators say was specific to the relationship between Sales and his victim was used in the communication multiple times. The communication was "5X the world until the Kasket drops and after”. No clarification of what the phrase meant is specified in the paperwork.

Investigators found that some of the communication was done through Harris’s girlfriend under the FaceBook name “Queen.Stuburn1999” according to the affidavit.

Court paperwork includes a transcript as it appears in the affidavit of some of the conversations. The name of the victim has been redacted by this publication to protect the victim.

Document of conversation continues

Document of conversation continues

The conversation continues but is not shown to protect the victim's identity

The affidavit continues to say:

"Based on Tyrese Harris's telephone contact with Kathiuska Morales Castro, his request that she checks her Facebook contacts for a person named the victim, and to purposely avoid saying the victim's full name on a recorded line, and Harris's attempts to disguise the victim's name by purposely coughing when he asks Castro to look for her, and Harris's comment to Castro " I'll call you back, and I have a request from a certain somebody", suggests his knowledge that Justin Sales was prohibited from contacting the victim and he attempted to disguise that contact. It also demonstrates Harris' conscious efforts to avoid saying the victim's full name openly so their request would go undetected. Harris also avoids saying Sales' name on the recorded call by referring to him as "a certain somebody" rather than using Justin or Sales."

Investigator Putney says "I suggest that Tyrese Harris has committed Criminal Liability for the Conduct of Another when he agreed and aided Justin Sales by contacting the victim through a third party when Harris requested that his girlfriend, Kathiuska Morales Castro, send a Facebook message to the victim at Sales' request, that said "it's okay, and it's still 5x the world", a phrase exclusively used by Sales and the victim, and in violation of the Superior Court Bail Order and the Criminal Bail Protective Order issued on September 19, 2022, by the Honorable Amy Messer that Sales not have contact with the victim in any way.

Court records indicate that Kathiuska Morales Castro does not face any charges at this time.

A request for information to determine if Sales and Harris are still cellmates was made to Hillsborough County House of Corrections Superintendent Joseph Costanzo. Due to the fact it involves jail security protocol it could not be confirmed at this time.

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