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Man Found Guilty Of 46 Felonies In Rape, Brutal Assault, And Witness Tampering

Manchester, NH - Justin “Jay” Sales a 22-year-old Manchester man has been found guilty of 46 felonies by jurors in a trial held in Hillsborough County Superior Court.

Sales faced 52 felonies in the trial that lasted for more than one week where prosecutors presented evidence of a brutal assault and rape. The assault took place in a Wilson Street apartment where his girlfriend was brutally assaulted.

Evidence presented included graphic pictures depicting several bite marks on the victim and blood on the floor from wounds he caused. The victim took the stand at one point in the trial and described what Sales did and said during the attacks.

Charges Sales was convicted of included rape, assault, and witness tampering. Some of the witness tampering charges were a result of recorded calls made to the victim from jail.

According to the Union Leader Sales had recently had charges dropped in a Virginia Murder that occurred two years ago. In the Virginia case Sales was accused of murdering a 92-year-old woman and shooting her daughter.

Sales will remain in the Hillsborough County House of Corrections while awaiting sentencing on the 46 charges he was convicted of. Sentencing could send Sales to prison for decades but that will be determined by Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Diane Nicolosi.

Justin "Jay" Sales sits next to his defense attorney in Hillsborough County Superior Court where he was found guilty of 46 felonies.


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