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Accused Murder Suspect Tyrese Harris Arraigned On Two New Felony Charges

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Manchester, NH - Accused Murder suspect Tyrese Harris appeared in Hillsborough County Superior Court Thursday for arraignment on additional charges brought by a Hillsborough County Grand Jury.

Harris is accused and previously charged in the killing of Dzemal Cardakovic of Londonderry in what prosecutors have described as a road rage incident.

Harris was indicted on felony reckless conduct and falsifying physical evidence and appeared in front of Honorable Judge Steven Houran for arraignment on the most recent charges.

Harris was led into court in orange Hillsborough County House of Corrections clothing with restraints. Harris stood and was silent as his defense attorney entered a plea of not guilty on both charges, and his attorney waived the reading of the charges.

Two members of the victim’s family sat next to a victim advocate observing the arraignment. Several people there to support Harris sat in the back of the courtroom, and one woman with a small child was asked to remove the child due to the noise the child was making.

When Harris was escorted in and out of the courtroom it did not appear he made any eye contact or communication with them.

The state and the defense agreed that Harris will remain in custody under preventative detention at the house of corrections.

The defense has said that Harris is claiming self-defense and should be released from custody. At a hearing held earlier in the month, a judge ruled that he cannot use self-defense due to several actions that Harris did.

An appeal in the self-defense ruling was filed with the New Hampshire Supreme Court and has been received and accepted by the court. At this time no date for a hearing or ruling has been made public.

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