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Emergency Calls Spike As Extreme Cold Hits New Hampshire

170 Emergency Calls In Manchester In 24-Hours As Intense Cold Hits The Area, Fire Department Warns Of Additional Issues Coming

Manchester Fire District Chief Jonathan Starr reports that as of 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning the fire department responded to 56 calls related to broken pipes and fire sprinklers that burst due to extremely cold temperatures.

In addition to the normal routine calls, there are a larger amount of calls involving falls on icy walkways, car fires, building fires, and the smell of natural gas.

District Chief Star says the department expects more of the same today when potentially frozen pipes thaw as the region emerges from the recent deep freeze.

Residents are urged to use appropriate caution when attempting to thaw frozen pipes. Contacting a licensed professional is encouraged. Using passive techniques to defrost pipes is recommended and methods using blowtorches or open flames are to be avoided.

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