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Cold Weather Causes Sprinkler To Dump Water In Parts Of Elliot ICU and Emergency Room

Manchester, NH - Manchester Fire responded to the Elliot Hospital for a report of a broken sprinkler pipe that was located in the Intensive Care Unit.

The first arriving engine reported “2 to 3 inches of water in the ICU, no floor drains, and the water was going to the ER located below”

Additional apparatus was requested to assist with using shop vacs, squeegees, and salvage tarps. Firefighters arriving from Truck 1, and Rescue 1 could be seen carrying supplies through the ambulance entrance on the Auburn Street side of the building. Engine 11 in the rear of the building stood by as a large amount of water poured out of the fire sprinkler drain.

A statement released to the media from the Elliot Hospital said:

Solution Health spokesperson Kelly Scargill confirmed that frozen pipes at the Elliot required moving patients, but said that the disruption was temporary and minimal:

"A frozen pipe caused some flooding today in our ICU and Emergency Department areas. The flooding was contained in these areas thanks to the fast response of staff.

The Manchester Fire Department responded within minutes and clean-up efforts began immediately and are fully underway. We expect all cleanup to be done by the end of the day.

All patients who were in affected areas were able to be moved to other rooms and their care was uninterrupted.

We do not expect any major disruption to services and we thank all for their immediate response, especially in these frigid conditions. Their quick work ensured this situation was under control within minutes."

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