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Second-Degree Murder Or Self-Defense? The trial begins for Tyrese Harris

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

MANCHESTER, NH - The trial for Tyrese Harris began in Hillsborough Superior Court Northern District Tuesday. Harris is accused of fatally shooting 45-year-old Dzemal Cardakovic in what police described as a road rage incident.

The shooting took place on South Willow Street near the Mall of New Hampshire in October.

Indictment paperwork indicated that Harris who was driving a blue Honda CRV cut off Cardakovic who was driving the cab portion of a tractor-trailer.

Cardakovic according to witnesses exited his truck and walked towards the vehicle Harris was driving which was also occupied by a woman described as Harris’s girlfriend in the court paperwork.

When he approached the Honda Cardakovic allegedly reached into the car window, Harris pulled a gun and shot the victim once in the head fatally wounding him.

Harris fled from the scene and a witness followed him giving a description of the car, the registration, and the driver. A manhunt ensued and after spotting Harris during surveillance at a Bodwell Road apartment complex he was stopped on Cilley Road and taken into custody on unrelated charges.

He was later charged with second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and reckless conduct.

Monday a jury was selected for the trial which is anticipated to take a week or more. Jurors were given basic instructions Tuesday morning by Honorable Judge Diane Nicolosi.

Tyrese Harris sat at the defendant's table dressed in a gray shirt, tie, and wearing rosary beads. His appearance was much different than previous court appearances, and wore glasses that he previously did not have on in court.

After the instructions, the jurors were taken outside to the back of the courthouse.

The vehicle Harris had been driving the night of the shooting was set up in front of a cab of a tractor-trailer emulating the scene from the night of the fatal shooting. Jurors were told the truck was similar to the actual truck Cardakovic was driving but was 6 inches taller and longer.

A white sheet was placed on the driver's seat of the Honda to protect the juror’s clothing as they were asked one by one to sit in the driver's seat of the car. The purpose of the exercise appeared to demonstrate the significant size difference between the truck and the Honda.

A small group of people who appeared in the courtroom to support the defendant came outside of the courthouse and watched as jurors viewed the vehicles.

After the viewing of the truck and car was completed, jurors boarded a bus and were transported to the South Willow Street area to view the area. Jurors were told they would not get off the bus but would view several specific locations.

The locations included the exit from 293 onto South Willow Street where it is alleged the road rage began. Also, they would view the location where the shooting occurred.

After the bus tour, the jurors were returned to the courthouse and took a lunch recess.

Additional information on opening arguments from Tuesday afternoon and witness testimony will be communicated after court is done for the day.

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