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Local Pizza Pop-Up Offers Winning Super Bowl Menu

The teams have been decided for next Sunday, but if your game-day eats haven’t been planned for Super Bowl LVIII, local pop-up DeadProof Pizza Co has it covered.

DeadProof has recently taken off to become a rising star in the mobile food industry, including winning a place as a Top 5 Best Food Truck in the NH Eats Group of 82k+ members.  Co-owner and Chef Matt Berry was recently awarded the 2023 Rising Star Award by New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association

Quickly becoming a New England staple, their 2023 season featured collaborations with local breweries, cafes, and bars, as well as amping up events and festivals with their custom menus and cleverly named pies. 

Offerings for their 2024 kick-off Super Bowl pick-up include their fan-favorite “Porkhub” pie and a special buffalo chicken dip-inspired pizza called "Big Bird's Burner Phone," and “Deadstix” - their own take on garlic cheesy bread. Aptly named, “The Great Controversy” pie attempts to tackle the ever-present question of whether pineapple should be on pizza (our take: this pie answers the question loud and clear).

Super Bowl pick-up orders can be placed at for pick up on Super Bowl Sunday 2/11 from 8 am - 3 pm at 5 Faltin Dr (Suite 35), just off South Willow St, but orders cut off tonight, Monday, February 5, 2024, when midnight strikes. 

Find DeadProof on Instagram and Facebook.


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