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From “Toast Boy” To The New Owner Of Pappy’s Pizza

Pappy’s Pizza started in 1982 when Ron Pappas transformed an automotive garage into a pizza restaurant that became a Manchester


Ron and his family members worked countless hours in the restaurant providing pizza, subs, and at one-time breakfast to thousands of customers.

John Milliard started his first job working for Ron as the breakfast “Toast Boy” running the toast through the toaster and coordinating with the kitchen staff to push out the plates filled with great breakfast. He recently purchased the business from the Pappas family.

Ron meant more than just being Milliard’s boss, he was a friend, and mentor. As the years passed Ron taught him about the restaurant business and quickly expanded his knowledge.

Manchester residents were shocked at first when they saw Pappy’s was closing but regained faith when they heard it was being reopened and the legacy would continue.

“Everyone has a favorite classic car, then they find one that needs some fresh paint, and mechanical work and can be that shining gem again.” That is how he describes Pappy’s, it is a classic that needed some “love” and that is exactly what he has done.

What Improvements And Changes Have Been Made?

Milliard says everything was modernized, refreshed, and technology was added.

When you walk into the renewed Pappy’s it is bright, super clean, and filled with many familiar faces of the staff that was once with the Pappas family for years.

The floors, bathrooms, kitchen, and seating area are all new. The red and white theme in the restaurant is still prevalent but enhanced.

Looking at the building from the street you will see it has new signs, a fresh coat of paint and the parking lot has been upgraded.

A full bar has been added which Milliard says will have all the classic cocktails but have some seasonal specialty drinks. The small counter where people have sat for years has doubled in size and added to the capacity.

Technology has been added to make a more efficient ordering system for both takeout and dine I. customers. In the very near future customers will also be able to order online, and they will be able to do delivery through third-party apps such as Door Dash.

Milliard wants to make sure there is a great “vibe”, and atmosphere. Little additions to help with the vibe are adding an “Insta” wall and multiple large televisions.

Hours will be expanded to accommodate people who want to come to watch a game on TV or visit after a local sporting event.

Windows have been expanded on the left side of the building so everyone can see the food prep area that once was hidden behind a solid wall.

John proudly talks about a small sign added outside that points out where Ron’s desk used to be. Ron spent countless hours working and coordinating things from the hidden desk, now it pays homage to him.

The menu has expanded some but all the classics are still there including Pappy’s Famous steak and cheese, chicken tenders, and pizza. Subs now come in two sizes to accommodate those with smaller or larger appetites.

A highlight of the interview for this reporter was John said he intends to bring breakfast back to Pappy’s in the near future. We doubt he will be running the toaster any longer but he is clearly a hands-on owner so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was.

Milliard points out that his focus is to deliver value, a premium product, and remain market competitive. Food costs to restaurants have increased significantly and he says that is why it is important to balance value and quality but still be competitive.

John was raised in Manchester in a family that had seven children with resources spread thin.

John realized with his successful background in the food industry he could invest in a family business and continue the legacy. John purchased the business and building at the end of 2022 and temporarily closed it to make significant upgrades.

He worked hard and he proudly and emotionally talked about Ron urging him to go to college and even took John on tours of New Hampshire colleges so he could see the opportunities in higher education and then becoming the first in his family to ever graduate from college.

He spoke about graduating from college and advancing his career providing food services to millions of customers. He shared his thoughts about where he came from, and what a difference the Pappas family made for him.

Customers will love the new refreshed look but we all know we have gone to Pappy’s over the decades for the food. John appreciates everyone’s compliments on both the look and the great tastes and looks forward to serving the Manchester community for many years to come! Pappy's will soon have online ordering and delivery through third-party companies. Check out their website at I I LOVE PAPPY'S

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