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Flight Center Restaurant On South Willow Closes Leaving Employees Without Jobs

MANCHESTER, NH - The Flight Center Taphouse in Manchester has closed and it appears the property was served a writ of possession by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department.

The location at 1071 South Willow Street is the third business that has failed to survive. Previous businesses that closed were Chili’s Restaurant and British Beer Company.

The Flight Center leased the property from a company listed out of Cambridge, Mass. The Writ of possession gives the owner of the property the ability to take back control of the property. Although it is not clear why the Writ of Possession was served on May 31st, it is usually because of past-due lease payments or violations of the lease agreement.

In an online posting on social media, the business pointed to struggles from the pandemic and other unforeseen issues.

Several employees expressed frustration on social media about not being paid, and not being given any notice that the restaurant was closing.

The business mentions that the Flight Center in Nashua and the 1750 Taphouse in Bedford will remain open. It is unknown if employees will be given the opportunity to transfer from the Manchester location.

One former employee expressed anger that the notice on social media ended with the statement “Cheers”


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