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Weekend Manchester Incident Updates

MFD, AMR and MPD responded to the area of 312 Spruce Street over the weekend for a reported stabbing. MFD and AMR transported a

person to the Elliot Hospital and did a trauma team alert for a victim.

MPD says their detectives are investigating the incident and no other information is available. No information on the victim or suspect was related.

People in the neighborhood confirmed that police were on the scene for an extended time searching for a weapon in the bushes and in the area.

In a different incident Monday MFD and AMR were called to the Piscataquog River trail area near the Kelly Falls dam for an unresponsive person. On their

arrival they determined the person located in or around a SUV was deceased.

MPD Spokesperson Heather Hamel confirms a male in his forties was found deceased. Hamel said the death does not appear to be suspicious, and exact

cause and manner of death are pending.

Also over the weekend several people have circulated photos of a RV that social media posts involves a person who has tried to lure people, and possibly

children into the RV. No official information has ever been issued, and at this time it is only social media posts driving this.

Manchester Police has confirmed that no complaints have been filed, and there are no open cases regarding this.

***Note the goal of our page is to post credible, confirmed information. Confirmation comes directly from law enforcement agencies or if we are on the scene

and can verify information ourselves.

Several people have asked about the incidents above, and we waited for confirmation. MPD rarely issue press releases over the weekend, it is generally weekdays, and in this case a holiday weekend extended the time period. MPD responded Tuesday morning with the information requested, and we are publishing that information


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