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Thousands Reporting Issues With VZ Wireless Voice Calls

CONCORD, NH - Verizon Wireless users began experiencing connectivity issues Friday afternoon. People reported not being able to use voice service and being disconnected when trying to answer calls in multiple areas across New Hampshire.

Users reported that text messages appear to be working normally, and they are able to be sent and received.

A Statement from Verizon Wireless - "We're aware of intermittent issues that are preventing some customers from making or receiving phone calls. Our network teams are in the process of restoring service as quickly as possible. Please know that text and data services are not impacted." - Verizon Spokesperson

Tyler Dumont from the NH Department of Safety reported there appear to be no issues with the 911 system.

The website is reporting a large spike of reported issues on the Verizon Wireless system.

Information will be updated if it is communicated.


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