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Skimming Device Found In Another Manchester Store

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Manchester Police are investigating the second discovery of a credit card skimming device installed at a checkout.

Police were notified Monday afternoon of a skimming device found at 7-11 on Beech Street. A store employee told police that recently customers had been complaining about the buttons on a terminal inside the store. The manager checked all the machines and found a credit card skimmer on top of one of the terminals.

The skimmer is used to steal credit card and debit card numbers including PIN numbers.

Police say there is no information about who may have placed this skimmer on the terminal or how long it had been there.

Last week police issued an alert to people who had shopped at the Manchester Walmart where a skimming device was found installed at a checkout.

Anyone who may have gone into the 7-11 on Beech St recently and used a credit or debit card should monitor their account closely. If you see any suspicious activity, call your financial institution and Manchester PD at 603-668-8711.


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