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Retired Chief Justice Asked To Serve As Administrator Of YDC Settlement Fund

Attorney General John M. Formella and claimants’ counsel have agreed to ask the New Hampshire Supreme Court to appoint the Honorable John Broderick, Jr., as the independent, neutral Administrator of the State’s YDC Settlement Fund: YDC Claims Process | NH Department of Justice.

Attorney General Formella described discussions with claimants’ counsel about Administrator candidates as helpful and a productive step towards operationalizing the state’s $100 million-dollar YDC Settlement Claims Process. The Legislature’s Joint Fiscal Committee recently approved the settlement claims process as an alternative to litigation for victims seeking fair and efficient resolution of claims arising from abuse at New Hampshire's former Youth Development Center. If approved by the Court, Chief Justice Broderick will oversee and administer that process.

“We recognize that traditional litigation can be difficult and even re-traumatizing for victims of crime—especially for victims of sexual abuse,” Attorney General Formella said, “which is why we solicited feedback from claimants, their advocates, and victims’ rights groups in designing a victim-centered, trauma-informed alternative to litigation. We are confident that, if appointed, Chief Justice Broderick will serve as a thoughtful, impartial, and empathetic Administrator.”

Retired Chief Justice Broderick served on the New Hampshire Supreme Court from 1995 to 2010 after more than 20 years as a civil litigator in private practice. His tenure on the high court was marked by efforts to improve access to the courts as well as expanded family, mental health, and drug courts. Chief Justice Broderick later served as Dean of UNH Law School. He has worked since 2016 to raise mental health awareness across the state-- most recently as Senior Director of External Affairs at Dartmouth Health, where he championed the R.E.A.C.T. campaign to identify, engage, and provide resources to those facing mental health challenges.

Any person with information regarding criminal conduct at the YDC is urged to contact the N.H. Attorney General’s YDC Task Force hotline at 603-271-4000.


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