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Police Warn Of Latest Scam That Can Empty Your Bank Account

Manchester Police want to make people aware of an online scam that is allowing thieves to steal right from your bank account.

Victims of this scam search for their bank via Google or another search engine, click on the first one in the list and put in their personal information (i.e user ID and password).

The site is usually fake and the scammer uses the personal information to create a link between their bank account and the victims and transfer money out of the account.

This can happen with ANY entity that requires a user ID and password (i.e utilities, Amazon, Paypal).

To avoid being a victim, ALWAYS know the correct web address. Verify the address with the financial institution or business and then save it in your browser. Avoid searching for it on the internet.

Police also say PAY ATTENTION to details. The URL may look similar, but it oftentimes has grammatical errors, spelling errors, or sometimes a completely different name embedded in the address.

Another warning sign to look for - If the website is asking for more personal information than normal, such as an email AND password, it may be a fraudulent site.

Lastly, always check your bank statements frequently. If caught quickly, there is a better chance of getting your money back.


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