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Police Respond To Sununu Center 3 Times In Less Than 24 Hours

State Of NH Health And Human Services Says Incidents At The Sununu Center Are Common

"The escalations that have occurred are common in a locked and secure setting with a resident population comprised of individuals with a history of severe and violent offenses.”

New Hampshire State Police and Manchester Police responded three times in less than 24 hours to the Sununu Center for residents who were out of their rooms, and out of control. AMR Ambulance also responded at least twice to the location for reported injuries.

The State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services issued a statement after several inquiries from media outlets. The statement spoke about these types of events being common with this type of population. In the statement, they said, "The safety and security of the staff and residents is our top priority and everyone at the Sununu Center is currently safe.”

They went on to speak about staffing issues contributing to the need for outside agencies to respond. " While staffing during these escalations was consistent with federal standards, it was a challenge to address the escalations that occurred. While it has been infrequent, it is standard operating procedure for staff to request the support of law enforcement to deescalate a situation when necessary to ensure safety.”

DHHS also said, "We thank the New Hampshire State Police and the Manchester Police Department for their assistance.”

Sources confirm Saturday morning an AMR ambulance responded due to an adult staff member who had a head injury. DHHS made no mention of any injuries in their statement and has not confirmed if there were injuries or why ambulances were called to the scene.

A similar incident occurred in August that was described by dispatchers as a riot, and DHHS downplayed it and called it a disturbance. At that time it was confirmed there are about a dozen juveniles at the facility.

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No other details have been released at this time, and we will offer updates should more information become available.

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