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Person Who Was Possibly Homeless Found Deceased Behind Elm Street Business

MANCHESTER, NH - Manchester Fire, and AMR responded to a parking lot on Elm Street at about 7:45 a.m. for a person that was found unresponsive.

The person was on the ground near a box truck that was in the parking lot behind a local business and was deceased. It appears based on what was visible at the scene that the person had a large amount of belonging around them, and appeared to be part of the homeless community.

Manchester Fire requested police respond who arrived and parked two cruisers to protect the scene around the body that was discovered.

Based on how the scene was processed it does not appear that it is being handled as a suspicious death, however, Manchester Information will follow up with

the police on Monday.

The body was eventually removed from the scene by a local funeral home. In most situations like this, an autopsy or toxicology test will be done. The results of autopsies and toxicology are only released to family members unless it is determined to be a suspicious death.

This is the second deceased person found in a parking lot this week. On Tuesday a person was found in or around a car parked in the corner of a parking lot outside Citizen’s Bank on Hanover Street. In that situation, the person was also discovered early in the morning and appeared to die overnight.

As cold weather begins to set in many people are trying to survive on the streets. The limited number of beds at the shelters in the City of Manchester are filled most nights. The “warming shelters” which offer expanded locations for the homeless do not open until later in the year.

On Tuesday on the same day the person was found in the Hanover Street parking lot, Manchester Information did a 1.5 Hour documentation of the homes that were visible in downtown Manchester.

As significant encampments such as Amoskeag Bridge, Superior Court House lawn, Firestone, Douglas Street “bucket” and 199 Manchester many of the homeless have relocated in more obscure locations.

Each day Manchester Police, Fire, Mental Health workers, and harm reduction workers try to locate and give services to people in scattered encampments.

We do not anticipate any additional information on the two deaths this week. If we receive any information we will publish an update.

© Manchester Information LLC

A deceased person was located in a parking lot behind an Elm Street business. It appears the person was taking shelter under a parked box truck. © Manchester Information LLC

On Tuesday police responded to a deceased person found in a Hanover Street parking lot near the Citizen's Bank building © Manchester Information LLC


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