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NH AG Issues Public Notification Regarding Anonymous Political Mailers

Attorney General John M. Formella announces that over the past few days, the Attorney General’s Office has received numerous complaints regarding political advertising, such as postcards or mailers, that do not have the identifying information required by law. Given the close proximity to the elections on March 8, 2022, this Office is making public the information related to these anonymous mailers to ensure that voters are aware of this statutorily-mandated identifying information.

RSA 664:14 requires all political advertising to show, at the beginning or end of the advertising, the name and address of the candidate, persons, or entity responsible for the advertising. The Attorney General’s Office interprets RSA 664:14 as permitting an email address or a website address on political advertising as long as the email or website identifies a contact person and an address/phone number where the contact person can be located.

The following three organizations are responsible for non-compliant political advertising:

- New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group – in the Towns of Hudson and Hampton

- Tri-County Republicans – in the Town of New Durham

- – in the Town of Campton

Examples of the non-compliant political advertising are attached.

NHAG - Examples of the non-compliant political advertising are attached.

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