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New Manchester Shelter To Open Just In Time To Help People Be Safe In Extreme Cold Coming

Manchester, NH - The City of Manchester is opening the new temporary shelter at 39 Beech Street Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.

The city has hired a shelter manager, and staffing is in place for the shelter to open just in time for the coldest weather New Hampshire has experienced in years. The shelter will hold 40 people and will be open 24 hours a day.

When people arrive at the converted industrial building they will find a new handicap ramp built in the rear of the building by the landlord, and then enter a large room that is freshly painted and ready for occupancy.

40 cots are evenly spaced out for residents, and fresh linens will be supplied to each person. The linens are all currently wrapped and on shelves waiting for the arrival of what is expected to be a capacity crowd.

Brand new bathrooms and showers have been installed by the landlord, and if needed there is a portable heated shower trailer in the parking lot for overflow.

Residents will be provided three meals daily by the staff working at the shelter. The food will be prepared and delivered to the location by the NH Food Bank. A sitting area with tables and chairs is set up for people to eat, and rest when not sleeping.

Jake King has been hired as the shelter manager and brings significant experience from his past jobs and companies. He has been involved in several situations with people experiencing addiction and homelessness. “I have never seen so many people working together, and getting such quick results. Everyone working on this has a personal belief to make this a success.” Jake said in a quick conversation with Manchester Information Thursday afternoon.

On Jake’s Linkedin profile, he says "I have had many experiences on this chaotic ball of dirt and through it all I have learned one thing for absolute certain: Everyone is different and everyone needs something different. My goal is to be as patient and understanding as possible to help others make their way while still improving how I make my own. My focus is lending a hand to those our society tends to leave behind. Because we all have the potential to fall on either side of that. The leavers or the left.”

Supervisors for each shift will be working with Jake, and a staffing agency has filled the positions and will work with the residents 24 hours a day.

When asked if the public can help, Jake said that they would love to receive donations of coffee-related items to provide residents with something other than just mealtime. He also would welcome new socks and personal items that can be dropped at the shelter located at 39 Beech Street.

Manchester Fire Chief Cashin said that all the remodeling, including the new showers and bathrooms, was included in the lease which had specific criteria. Trucks will be parked at the shelter to store items belonging to people staying at the shelter. Those using the services in the building will be able to bring in a reasonable amount of personal items Cashin said.

Manchester Firefighters were setting up cots, and making final adjustments to the space. Unlike the Cashin Center, the shelter will not be staffed by firefighters, police, or EMS.

The shelter is scheduled to be open until the end of April at this point.

©Jeffrey Hastings


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