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Manchester's Violent Weekend Involving Guns Leaves 4 People Shot And Building Damaged

MANCHESTER, NH — Manchester had a violent weekend with several gunfire-related incidents that resulted in four people being shot, buildings hit with gunfire, and reports of gunshots.

The city of Manchester recently installed “Shot Spotter,” a gunfire detection system for some regions of the city. The system detects gunfire which can be immediately pinpointed and appears almost instantly on the police dispatcher's screen.

The Manchester police dispatch logs indicate Shot Spotter was activated four times during the weekend, including near a city pool and a school.

Several reports of gunfire being heard were called in by citizens from multiple parts of the city, including near a downtown restaurant and a city park.

Multi-unit apartment buildings were struck by gunfire on Dubuque Street and also on Vernon Street.

***Update - Monday afternoon Manchester Police issued information about the items that appeared in the dispatch log from over the weekend.

The incidents on Maple Street, Kelly Street, Mason Street, and Parkside Ave were investigated and were unfounded calls, no evidence was found that indicated there was actual gunfire.

Police indicated that after investigation the building damaged on Dubuque Street was from a previous gunfire incident, however, a shell casing was found at an intersection nearby.

Police also indicate as the investigation continues into the Ahern Street shooting, initial information points to the Vernon Street damage being related to the Ahern Street incident. The investigation is ongoing and ballistic evidence has not been completed.

The incident on Elm Street near Stark Street was confirmed to be gunfire related, however, no people or buildings were struck.

On Saturday, Manchester Fire, Police, AMR Ambulance, and mutual aid ambulances responded to multiple people shot at a graduation party on Ahern Street in the Elm Woods Garden housing complex. Two women and two men in their twenties suffered gunshot wounds that they will reportedly survive.

An additional call came in for a gunshot wound victim at Elliot Hospital’s Urgent Care at River’s Edge on Queen City Avenue. Sources indicate the gunshot victim at the River’s Edge was brought there from the Ahern Street incident.

In recent years, the Elmwood Gardens area has been the location of multiple shootings, robberies, and police-involved incidents.

At a press conference held Saturday night, police say that two suspects believed to be males were “masked and hooded" when they opened fire on the victims. Shell casings from handguns were scattered in a parking lot and on a lawn.

The two males were wearing hoods, and their faces were partially covered. After the shooting, the pair was seen leaving the area in a white SUV. The incident does not appear to be random.

MPD Lt. Matthew Barter told the media, “We are extremely concerned – the community should be concerned this is going on.” Barter went on to say, “We don’t think it was random,”

“There were many people who saw what happened, and we encourage anyone who saw anything to call the Manchester Police Department to report what they saw,” Barter said.

In a statement made to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Mayor Joyce Craig thanked the first responders and spoke of “common sense gun safety laws” needed to keep guns out of the hands of those who commit such crimes.

“Families and friends should be able to gather in peace — gun violence is unacceptable in our community,” she wrote. “Thankfully, there were no fatalities, and my heart goes out to the victims and the families of those who were injured.”

Manchester Police indicated no additional information was expected Sunday and were actively investigating the incidents.

Manchester police detectives ask anyone with information to call the department at 603-668-8711 or the Manchester Crimeline at 603-624-4040. Tips can also be anonymously submitted at

Gunfire-related calls, according to Manchester Police Dispatch Log

Friday 5/12/23 10:04 a.m. - 297 Maple Street at Hunts Pool - Shot Spotter (After investigation deemed unfounded)

Saturday 5/13/23 4:52 a.m. Dubuque Street - Shot Spotter - Structure hit by gunfire (After investigation the damage was from a previous shooting, however, ballistics were found at a nearby intersection)

Saturday 5/13/23 10:41 a.m. Kelly Street - Shot Spotter (After investigation deemed unfounded)

Saturday 5/13/23 4:50 p.m. 129 Ahern Street - Shooting - 3 gunshot victims at the scene, 1 transported private vehicle to River’s Edge

Saturday 5/13/23 4:52 p.m. Vernon Street - Gunshot Heard - Structure hit by gunfire (After Initial investigation this appears related to the Ahern Street incident)

Saturday 5/13/23 5:01 p.m. 185 Queen City Ave - Gunshot victim related to Ahern Street shooting

Saturday 5/13/23 5:11 p.m. Mason Street Rock Rimmon Park - Gunshot Heard (After investigation deemed unfounded)

Saturday 5/13/23 5:13 p.m. Mason Street Rock Rimmon Park - Gunshot Heard (After investigation deemed unfounded)

Sunday 5/14/23 2:16 a.m. 930 Elm Street BluAqua - Gunshot Heard (After investigation evidence of gunfire was found, but no people or structures were hit)

Sunday 5/14/23 10:25 p.m. 145 Parkside Ave @Gossler School - Shot Spotter (After investigation deemed unfounded)

©Jeffrey Hastings

Manchester Police Press Conference Saturday, May 13, 2023


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