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Manchester Gun Thefts On The Rise

Manchester Police are seeing an alarming number of firearm thefts in the city and many of them are from motor vehicles.

73 guns have been stolen in Manchester since the beginning of the year and 43 of them were from vehicles. These guns oftentimes end up in the hands of the wrong people and are used in the commission of a crime.

Manchester Police strongly advise gun owners to store firearms in a safe, secure place. If you must keep your gun in your vehicle, always lock the doors. The majority of the cars that were broken into this year were left unlocked, making this an avoidable crime.

In 2021, there were 72 firearm thefts in the city. This year, we have already surpassed those numbers and there is still a month left.

Manchester Police take these incidents very seriously and detectives work hard to find these guns and the people responsible for the crime. We will continue to diligently work these cases but we also need citizens to be responsible and sensible if they choose to own a gun.


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