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  • Writer's pictureJeffrey Hastings

Manchester Firefighters Rescue Ducklings

MANCHESTER, NH - Manchester Fire Department Engine 2 was dispatched to Canal and Hollis streets Wednesday for an animal rescue.

When they arrived some workers from the area had noticed a duck hovering over the catch basin at the bottom of Hollis Street. They quickly

discovered there were five ducklings in the water and the mother could not get to them.

Firefighters removed the grate and lowered a ladder, and a firefighter using a plastic bin was able to capture all five duckings safely, they appeared unharmed.

While the “rescue” was being performed the mother duck circled above watching what was happening.

After the firefighters had the ducklings secure they brought them to a grassy area away from the roadway. The mother flew down and was reunited with the ducklings.

Great job by the workers who discovered them and the Manchester Firefighters for their effort in bringing them to a safe place.

©Jeffrey Hastings


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