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Man on Parole for Second Degree Murder Arrested for Assault and Criminal Threatening

On July 23, 2023, at approximately 8:30 PM, Manchester Police responded to a Beech St address for a reported domestic disturbance.

Arriving officers knocked on the door and a man opened it but upon seeing them, quickly shut it. Police heard the man yelling and a woman scream. They began to make announcements at the door, ordering the man to come outside. Shortly afterward, a woman ran from the home.

The man, later identified as Christopher Denton, 50, of Manchester stood near the door and refused to come outside. Due to his adamant resistance, an officer fired a non-lethal projectile at Denton but it did not have an effect on him. Officers continued to make announcements and Denton eventually exited the building, but once outside he refused to comply with officers. A second non-lethal round was fired, again with little to no effect on Denton. He then turned and started to run back toward the building, and a K9 was deployed and subdued Denton.

Denton was arrested and charged with Criminal Threatening- Deadly Weapon, Simple Assault, and Resisting arrest. It was also determined that Denton was on parole for Second Degree Murder (Grafton Superior Court) at the time of this incident.

He was arraigned in Hillsborough Superior Court-North.


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