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Local Profiles: Nurse Practitioner

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Last month, Manchester Information launched the Local Profiles series with an interview with Tim Church, a Paranormal Investigator.

This month we spoke with Jennifer Fleming, a nurse practitioner, owner of The Alchemy Clinic, and founder of a non-profit.

Originally from Westchester, Jennifer moved to New Hampshire as a child and quickly found her home here. From there, Jennifer's journey had many turns - from completely changing majors in college, to traveling globally and witnessing medical practices around the world firsthand, to opening her own medical aesthetics practice in a historic building that she and her husband helped restore.

Jennifer shares how her perspective on life has changed through all of this, how she knew she was going to purchase the historic building the second she walked through the doors, and what she wishes more people knew.

Check out the full conversation here.


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