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Girlfriend Of Adam Montgomery Has Died In Manchester

The girlfriend of the father of a missing New Hampshire girl has died.

Kelsey Small, 27, died on March 13 in Manchester, police confirmed. She was the current girlfriend of Adam Montgomery, the father of Harmony Montgomery, who has been missing since October 2019.

The death of Small was not considered suspicious, according to police, although officials said the exact cause of death has not been determined. In many cases in New Hampshire, toxicology testing results are done as part of an autopsy can take months to be completed.

Small's death was first reported on the True Crime Sisters Twitter account.

Police are still searching for Harmony Montgomery who was reported missing in December 2021. As part of the investigation, police were searching for Adam Montgomery and he was located living in a vehicle on Harvell Street in Manchester.

Small was with Adam Montgomery when police located him on Dec. 31, 2021.

Both Adam Montgomery and Small were questioned by police. However, at that time they were not held on any charges. Small told police she never talked about Harmony Montgomery with Adam Montgomery and had no information on where she might be, according to information released by police and in court documents.

Small was not charged with anything related to the case of the missing girl but had been dating Adam Montgomery for more than a year.

Later, Adam Montgomery was arrested and accused of assaulting his daughter and endangering the welfare of a child.

Adam Montgomery had broken off a relationship with Kayla Montgomery, his second wife. Kayla Montgomery faces several charges involving welfare fraud and collecting benefits for Harmony Montgomery when she was not living with her.

Police continue to ask people to provide information and tips by calling or texting a dedicated 24-Hour staffed hotline at 603-203-6060. They continue to offer a reward of $144,000 for information leading to the location of Harmony.


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