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Firefighter Burned While Crews Fight Brush Fire On 293 And Country Club Drive

Manchester Fire received multiple calls of a brush fire next to 293 North in the vicinity of Exit 7 on Tuesday.

Fire crews arrived at about 2:20 p.m. and found a brush fire spreading quickly by the winds. The fire was spreading towards a large apartment complex on Country Club Drive and to a parking lot with several cars exposed.

Fire alarms in several of the buildings were set off by the heavy smoke. Manchester fire brought apparatus for the alarm calls and additional apparatus for the brush fire. Country Club Drive was closed so firefighters could run hose lines from hydrants to feed the engines on the scene fighting the brush fire.

An AMR ambulance was sent to 293 for a firefighter who was burned in the fire. The firefighter had burns to his hand and possibly to his arm. The firefighter was transported to Catholic Medical Center for treatment.

Approximately 2 acres burned in the woods between the highway and Country Club Drive. The crews used a combination of water with foam added to wet down the original and adjacent areas. The fire was brought under control after fire crews worked for about 1.5 hours.

The name of the firefighter injured and their condition has not been released.

©Jeffrey Hastings


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