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Fire Fighters Battle 2-Alarm Fire That Could be Seen From Miles Away

An alarm of fire was received in Fire Dispatch for a reported building fire in the vicinity of the Manchester Boys and Girls Club. The first arriving companies were on-scene within 3 minutes of the initial call.

A “working fire” was declared en route by the responding Battalion Chief. Heavy fire in the rear of the structure was rapidly consuming the porches and exterior of the building. It was initially reported that people were still in the building and crews immediately entered the structure to conduct search and rescue operations, while simultaneously crews began an aggressive interior attack on the fire.

Conditions in the rear of the structure were quickly deteriorating as the electrical service to the building was now on fire and live wires fell off the building hindering immediate access to that area.

A second Alarm was struck at approximately 6:12 p.m. so that additional manpower and equipment could be utilized.

All companies were ordered out of the building once the primary search was completed as fire was now burning through the roof and the structural integrity of the roof was severely compromised. A defensive operation utilizing elevated master streams began at this time to darken down the fire so that crews could re-enter and completely extinguish the fire.

The fact that the fire did not spread to the exposure building that was less than 10’ away is a testament to the efforts and professionalism of all the members working on scene.

The fire was brought under control in about two hours, crews remained at the scene for several hours chasing hot spots and making sure structurally compromised parts of the building were brought to a safe condition.

Battalion Chief Robert Beaudet said the close proximity of surrounding structures created exposure problems, electrical wires overhead burning, car fire in the rear of the structure, and this fire broke out while a large brush fire was burning near Hillside Jr. High, severely depleting available resources to respond to this fire.

The resources to the fire scene included - Engines: 11,10,2,9, R.I.C. E3,4, Trucks: 1,6,7, Rescue 1, Car 1, 01, 03, 05, P.I.C. 1, ALS 1,2, K1,3,4,5

The fire is under investigation by the Manchester Fire Marshals Office.


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