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Fatal Union St. Shooting Legally Justified Under Self-Defense Law

Manchester Police and the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office investigated the shooting and determined Roy Nagle who fired the fatal shots acted in self-defense.

On the evening of April 4, 2023, Roy Nagle was visiting his girlfriend at her residence, an apartment at a multi-unit building at 213 Bell Street in Manchester.

Nagle and his girlfriend were in her bedroom, which is connected to the apartment's kitchen. Dennis Carlsen, another resident of the apartment, was sitting at the kitchen table.

At that time, Rodney Yancey, who was unknown to any of the people present, entered the apartment through an unlocked door that led into the kitchen, sat down at the table with Mr. Carlsen, and began to drink a beer that he brought with him. Mr. Carlson asked Ms. Mitchell whether she knew Mr. Yancey, and she answered that she did not.

When Mr. Yancey was asked to leave the residence, he seemed confused and inebriated.

Mr. Yancey eventually followed repeated directives from Mr. Carlsen and Mr. Nagle to leave and went onto the front porch.

Mr. Nagle followed Mr. Yancey outside and saw him lingering on the porch, refusing to leave. Mr. Nagle then pushed Mr. Yancey, who fell down the porch steps.

Mr. Yancey stood up and walked onto the porch towards Mr. Nagle while brandishing a knife that he had taken from his pocket. At that point, Mr. Nagle, who was lawfully armed with a pistol that he had legally purchased, pulled out his weapon, pointed it at Mr. Yancey, and repeatedly yelled at him to get back and leave.

Instead, Mr. Yancey continued to advance on Mr. Nagle while armed with a knife. Mr. Nagle backed up while Mr. Yancey neared him, continuing to point his gun at Mr. Yancey while telling him to stop.

As Mr. Yancey approached the door to the apartment building, and Mr. Nagle could not retreat any farther, Mr. Nagle fired three shots in quick succession, stopping when he saw Mr. Yancey fall on the porch. Mr. Nagle called 911 and reported in substance that he had just shot someone.

Police arrived within minutes, and although first responders attempted life-saving measures, Mr. Yancy died at the scene.

Based on all the facts and circumstances of this case, the Attorney General has concluded that Roy Nagle was legally justified in his use of deadly force against Rodney

Yancey under RSA 627:4, II(a).

Accordingly, based on all the facts and circumstances known to Mr. Nagle at the time he encountered Mr. Yancey, it was reasonable for Mr. Nagle to conclude that Mr.

Yancey was about to use unlawful deadly force against him. Therefore, no criminal charges will be filed against Mr. Nagle in connection with the shooting of Mr. Yancey,

because Mr. Nagle justifiably used deadly force to defend himself.

©Jeffrey Hastings


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