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Detectives Work Into Sunday Evening Investigating Shooting Incidents

Manchester Police Detectives worked throughout Sunday afternoon into the evening hours processing a shooting scene at Cedar South Back and Chestnut Street.

Several evidence markers were placed in the alley and detectives worked on documenting damage from gunfire in the walls of a multi-unit apartment building.

Detectives used a ladder to reach damage to the second-floor exterior wall of the building. Trajectory rods were placed in the holes created from the gunfire; the rods are used to help determine the direction the gunfire came from.

Earlier on Sunday police said that a man had arrived at the Elliot Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. Police indicated they believe those injuries occurred at the shooting scene at Chestnut Street and Cedar South Back.

A man who approached the scene in a vehicle was seeking permission to enter the building that had been damaged by gunfire. He was turned away by police and told to return after the scene was processed. The man identified himself to Manchester Information as a relative of the victim that had been shot earlier in the day. When asked how his relative was doing he said, "good for now, but we aren't sure for how long".

As daylight ended, police remained at the scene with a large area of the alley and building taped off.

Police issued a press release Sunday night indicating that they had made an arrest in the shooting that occurred about 1.5 blocks away, but had not made an arrest in the shooting at Chestnut Street and Cedar South Back.

Both shooting incidents are still under investigation. Anyone with information about either shooting is asked to call Manchester Police at 603-668-8711.


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