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Detectives Work For Several Hours Gathering Evidence In Mammoth Rd. Drive-By Shooting

Manchester Police Detectives were at a Mammoth Road home until late Friday afternoon gathering evidence at the scene of what police describe as a drive-by shooting.

On Thursday night at about 11:30 p.m. police responded to the area of Mammoth Rd and Kennard Road for a report of gunshots being heard. When police arrived they were directed to a duplex at the corner of Croteau Ct and Mammoth Rd that had been struck several times by gunfire.

Police interviewed people in the area who said they saw a black sedan drive by with someone in the passenger's seat firing a gun out the window. Police secured the scene with crime scene tape and searched the area for evidence.

Friday morning a white SUV in the driveway appeared to have a bullet hole in the passenger's side of the vehicle. The left side of the duplex had about a dozen bullet holes in the walls and a front window.

Detectives arrived and spent several hours placing evidence markers around the apparent bullet holes, photographing them, and removing ballistic evidence.

Incidents involving gunfire continue to be an issue for Manchester. Police released an annual report recently that showed firearm-related incidents were up 24% in 2021 compared to a three-year average however several other categories of crime were down. Manchester Police and their law enforcement partners removed over 80 firearms from the streets of Manchester in 2021, many of which were illegally obtained guns.

The Manchester Police annual report has a comprehensive look at the crime statistics and highlights what each department has accomplished. The complete report which is 37 pages of information can be read by clicking - MANCHESTER POLICE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT

Police also say they continue to work on the recent shooting that occurred outside of Central High School. MPD Spokes Person Heather Hamel said this week "Our detectives continue to work this case, but at this point, there is no new information to provide."

Police refuse to verify the shooting near Central involved students from Central High School although our sources confirm it involved a 17-year-old male.

Police did say the shooting near Central appeared to not be random and MPD Chief Allen Aldenburg said it is possibly related to an ongoing feud.

The person shot in the incident was shot in the leg and had non-life-threatening injuries. A black sedan was also seen fleeing the area of that shooting, and police had no further description of it other than it was black.

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