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Bear Climbs Tree In Manchester Park. Fish & Game Safely Relocate It To Bear Rehab Center

MANCHESTER, NH - Manchester Police responded to Bronstein Park on Hanover Street Saturday for a report of a black bear in the park.

Officers found a small, young bear that had climbed a tree at about 8:00 a.m. after being spotted walking through streets in downtown Manchester.

Several people came out to watch, and take photos of the bear that sat on a branch about 20 feet from the ground. Officers kept people away from the immediate area of the tree to prevent the bear from becoming more nervous than it already was.

Manchester Police contacted New Hampshire Fish and Game to determine the best way to handle the situation. Conservation Officers and a biologist who works with the bear population were sent to the scene.

A specially designed mat was placed around the base of the tree to break the fall of the bear. After the protective mat was placed a tranquilizer dart was shot toward the bear but missed. A second dart was shot and hit the bear, which slowly became docile and fell from the tree.

Conservation Officers, the biologist, and Manchester Police placed the bear in a special tube on a trailer designed to transport the bear.

Lt Adam Cheney of New Hampshire Fish and Game said the bear weighed about 45 pounds and is 1.5 years old. The bear was transported to Ben Killham a bear rehabber in Lyme, NH. Cheney said the bear will be released in 15 days after the drugs have worked out of his system.

After the bear was secured, Manchester Fire Truck 1 came to the scene so that Conservation Officers could retrieve the dart that had lodged in the tree.

New Hampshire Fish and Game responds to several incidents involving bears, and when they are in city areas such as today they are relocated.

©Jeffrey Hastings


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