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Curtis Massey Charged With Being An Armed Career Criminal Held On $10,000 Cash Bail

MANCHESTER, NH - A report of someone shooting a dog in Manchester led to a SWAT incident on Merrimack and two arrests at the scene.

Police responded to the area of 436 Merrimack Street Monday at 4:03 p.m, the caller stated a man had shot a dog and was walking towards Hall Street.

Officers speaking to witnesses were told the man they were looking for was in the front passenger seat of a car parked in front of 421 Merrimack Street. Additional officers arriving at the scene approached the vehicle and the man was walking away, they ordered him to stop and he then ran inside 421 Merrimack Street according to court paperwork obtained by Manchester Information.

A felony stop was done on the car and all occupants in the vehicle were identified, and it is unclear if any of those occupants were detained or arrested based on court paperwork.

A witness told police that two men were walking east on Merrimack Street and were being chased by two dogs. One of the men shot at the dogs and the witness stated she believed the man who shot was wearing red clothing. Another witness according to the affidavit said the man was seen close to the dogs with a small black revolver and had fired what was described as a warning shot in the air.

After firing the gun the suspect and another man walked down Merrimack Street and were seen entering the store at Hall Street and Hanover Street.

Officers contacted the landlord of 421 Merrimack Street and were told the first-floor apartment was occupied but the second-floor apartment was vacant.

A perimeter had been set up around the address and SWAT was brought to the scene. Officers made entry and found the second-floor apartment door open, they made entry and found Curtis Massey, 25 inside the apartment. Massey was taken into custody in the kitchen area of the apartment, and officers cleared the remaining rooms and no other people were found.

The landlord signed a consent to search form for Manchester Police, and when the apartment was searched a Heritage Rough Rider .22 revolver was located in the upper tank of a toilet in the apartment. Police examined the gun and found three shell casings had firing pin marks on the back of them, indicating they had been fired.

Massey advised police at the station that he did not shoot the gun, however he was present when the gun was fired. He then took possession of the gun from the person who fired it and ran into the 421 Merrimack Street building.

A record check revealed guilty findings on the following felony cases:

Reckless conduct with a deadly weapon convicted 3-1-22

Robbery with a firearm convicted 6-29-15

Burglary Convicted 6-29-15

Based on the convictions he was charged with armed career criminal and felon in possession of a dangerous weapon. Massey also was charged with falsifying physical evidence and resisting detention.

Massey was scheduled to be arraigned in Hillsborough County Superior court Tuesday morning. Prosecutors and Massey’s defense attorney agreed to Massey being held on $10,000 cash bail and a probation hold was placed on him by the NH Department of Corrections.

Ayden Rainey, 29 was arrested at the scene and charged with resisting arrest and was released on personal recognizance bail. Rainey does not face any other charges in the incident.

This incident is still under investigation, and anyone with information should call Manchester Police at 603-668-8711.

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Manchester Police enter a home on Merrimack Street where Curtis Massey ran after police ordered him to stop. Police were investigating reports of a dog being shot in the area.

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