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Ailadi Abreu Booked By MPD Months After Fatal Crash That Killed Michael Shattuck

MANCHESTER, NH - A woman accused of killing her boyfriend in a head-on car crash in March on Granite Street is the center of a debate about having her bail revoked.

Ailadi Abreu, 35 of Derry was exiting from 293 onto Granite Street when witnesses said she was driving at a high speed when she hit a BMW SUV head-on. Abreu’s passenger Michael Shattuck, 32, of Manchester was pulled from the car by bystanders, and CPR was started. Despite immediate treatment at the scene, he succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Firefighters worked for about 40 minutes using jaws of life to extricate Abreu from the vehicle. She was transported from the scene with serious injuries and remained in the hospital for several days.

The woman driving the BMW SUV had minor injuries and was transported to the hospital by AMR ambulance.

Abreu was indicted on felony charges in June of negligent homicide, manslaughter, and two counts of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, according to court indictment paperwork.

The indictment on manslaughter accused Abreu of recklessly driving a vehicle at an excessive speed and causing the death of Michael Shattuck. Manslaughter is punishable by imprisonment for up to 30 years. Abreu was also indicted on negligent homicide, which is a Class B felony. It occurs when someone causes the death of another person negligently.

Michael Shattuck's family members and friends came to several court hearings in an attempt to see Abreu, however due to various reasons she never appeared in the courtroom and remained free on personal recognizance bail.

The state recently filed paperwork to revoke her bail based on several items they listed in coursework filed with Hillsborough County North.

On March 31, 2023, the Defendant was arrested at the Hospital and arraigned by phone from her hospital bed. She could not personally appear before the Court due to her injuries, and the Police were unable to fingerprint and photograph her before she was released on personal recognizance bail with certain conditions.

On April 10, 2023, a follow-up bail hearing was held and the Defendant, still suffering from serious injuries was unable to appear personally before the Court. She was

required to remain in a hospital setting as a condition of her release on person recognizance bail or her bail would revert to preventive detention.

On April 24, 2023, a follow-up bail hearing was held, at which time the Defendant appeared but again only by phone, and the Court ordered bail to continue at Personal Recognizance with certain conditions with a slight “assented to” modification on April 29, 2023, some terms of which are subject to a Motion to Seal.

On August 4, 2023, the Court held a Disposition Hearing at which the Defendant was required to appear in person. However, the Defendant failed to appear personally and instead again appeared by phone.

The State had not and did not assent to her appearance remotely nor did the Defendant file a motion to appear remotely. The State did not request a warrant at that time.

However, since that hearing, the State has asked the Defendant through Counsel to report to the Manchester Police Department for photographing and fingerprinting.

On August 16th the State asked the Defendant again through counsel to report to the Manchester Police Headquarters for fingerprinting and photographing and also asked if she had applied to a mental health provider within two days of April 24, 23 and meaningfully participating in and continuing in treatment at a mental health provider if required, and attending appointments and followed all recommend treatment (as theses were all conditions of her personal recognizance bail).

At the state’s request, they respectfully request that this Honorable Court:

• Order the Defendant to Report to the Manchester Police Headquarters to be

photographed and fingerprinted.

• Order the Defendant to provide proof to the Court and to the State that she applied to a mental health provider within two days of 4/24/23, that she is meaningfully participating in and is continuing treatment at a mental health provider if required, is attending all appointments, and following all recommended treatment.

• Order the Defendant to provide the State with appropriate releases to verify future treatment.

• Order the Defendant to appear in person before the Court.

• Issue a warrant for the Defendant’s arrest.

• Revoke the Defendant’s bail.

• Schedule a hearing thereon, if necessary; and

• Grant the State any such other relief as may be proper and just.

This week Abreu was booked at Manchester Police headquarters. Manchester Police on request from Manchester Information released the booking photo of Abreu. This is the first time the family of the victim has had an opportunity to see Abreu.

In previous court hearings, the mother of Shattuck brought a small container of his ashes and a prayer card which she grasped as the case was discussed.

At a previous bail hearing it was discussed that Abreu would be living in Derry with her brother.

A judge will now review the paperwork submitted by Assistant County Attorney Francis Coffey, and consider anything submitted by the defense before deciding if a warrant will be issued for Abreu or if the terms of bail will be changed.

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