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32nd Annual Families in Transition Walk Against Hunger

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The Walk Against Hunger 5K is back in Veteran's Park

Your participation will help prevent and break the cycle of homelessness through support for families and individuals experiencing hunger and food insecurity. Register to sign up for the Walk Against Hunger and create or join a team today!

Registration Options Available

$10 per walker with all event proceeds donated to our mission.

$20 registration receives event t-shirt.

Unable to walk in person with us at the park?

$10 per walker with all event proceeds donated to our mission.

$25 registration receives event t-shirt, including shipping.

Why Participate?

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic and current economic circumstances, households in our community are struggling to put food on their tables and pay their bills. For some of our neighbors, the choice between paying for rent or groceries is a true reality.

As part of our mission, we work to provide resources to families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness as well as those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

The Walk Against Hunger serves as a key source of support for emergency homelessness and housing services, as well as food programs and dining services. Funds raised help serve daily meals throughout our programs and provide groceries for households in our community from our food pantry.

Last year, we provided:

- 1,724 individuals with housing and emergency shelter, including 395 children.

- 193,230 daily meals to people throughout our programs.

- 534 households, on average, with groceries each month. There are a variety of ways to fundraise!



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