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2022 Fatal Overdoses In Manchester And Nashua Have Double-Digit Increases Over Prior Year

There were 701 suspected opioid overdoses in 2022 in Manchester, which is an increase of 22% from the previous year. 79 people died over suspected overdoses in Manchester which is a 41% increase over the prior year. The lethality of overdoses in Manchester also increased significantly on a per capita population basis.

Nashua had fewer non-lethal overdoses with 243 which is a decrease of 15% over the prior year. While it is positive that the total number of overdoses was down, deaths rose by 37% from the previous year at 44. The fewer number of ODs that did happen in Nashua were significantly more lethal on a per capita population basis.

On average in 2022 one person dies every 4.6 days in Manchester and every 8.29 days in Nashua.

American Medical Response (AMR) provides services to both Manchester and Nashua and compiles the numbers for the state's largest two cities. AMR medics responded to 944 suspected opioid ODs in Nashua and Manchester in 2022 and over 120 deaths.

The significant increase in deaths is likely attributed to synthetic fentanyl now being found in nearly all types of illicit substances according to AMR Regional Director Chris Stawasz, "In many cases, people who are using illicit drugs have no idea that the substances they are using contain synthetic fentanyl. That can lead to deadly consequences the first time it happens."

AMR medics continue to see and listen to reports from suspected opioid OD patients who believed they were not specifically using opioids and were surprised that they overdosed on an opioid. There is no safe illicit drug.

People who use illicit drugs should bear in mind that it is highly likely there is some quantity of synthetic Fentanyl in virtually any substance that they are using. People who use illicit drugs should not use them alone, should have Narcan readily available, Stawasz said there is no safe illicit drug.

In NH, one can seek addiction treatment to prevent death by accessing the NH Doorway program. The NH Doorway program can be accessed by calling 2-1-1 at any time of the day or night.

AMR Provided several graphs that visually show the statistics and trends.

2022 Summary Manchester suspected overdoses

2022 Summary Manchester demographics

2022 Summary Nashua suspected opioid overdoses

2022 Summary Nashua demographics

Chart of annual actual suspected opioid ODs for Nashua & Manchester

Chart of annual actual suspected opioid deaths for Nashua and Manchester

Chart of public Narcan use


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