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Woman Accused Of Killing Fiancé Released On Personal Recognizance Bail

MANCHESTER, NH - Ailadi Abreau, 35, of Derry who is accused of killing her Fiancé in a head-on collision on Granite Street has been released on personal recognizance bail by a Hillsborough County Superior Judge.

Abreau is charged with negligent homicide, and reckless manslaughter in the death of Michael Shattuck who was the front-seat passenger of Abreau’s Acura when it crashed at a high-speed head-on into a BMW SUV. Abreau also is facing two counts of reckless conduct – deadly weapon.

In court on Thursday the state asked that Abreau be held on preventative detention, and showed a dash cam video of Abreau’s vehicle traveling at what they estimate to be 80 MPH or higher coming from the off-ramp.

Prosecutors said she admitted to police she had been smoking marijuana and was in a heated argument with Shattuck who had accused her of infidelity. Prosecutors also outlined that in addition to her dangerous driving, she was possibly trying to commit suicide when she crashed. The state pointed to information that a few weeks prior to the crash she had made suicidal statements in Hampton.

Abreau was in the Elliot Hospital with significant injuries sustained in the accident and had then been moved to Northeast Rehabilitation. The state was concerned that when she became ambulatory that she was a danger to the public, herself, and a flight risk.

Judge Amy Messer, presided over the case in an order after taking the information under advisement. She said the state did not meet its burden to show by clear and convincing evidence that Ailadi Abreau, 35, of Derry poses a danger to the public.

“While there is no doubt that the motor vehicle crash resulting in the death of the victim is extremely serious, the Court does not find that the State has met its burden to show by clear and convincing evidence that the defendant poses a danger to the public in light of the defendant’s background and the conditions of bail that the court will impose,” Messer wrote.

Messer went on to say that Abreau has no prior criminal history, has a bachelor’s degree, and has been working in the human services field for some time. Messer ordered that

Abreau does not drive and leave her license with the Manchester Police where it is currently being held. She is also ordered to seek mental health services.

Abreau who appeared from Northeast rehab via video was not in the courtroom for the hearing. Abreau’s brother was in the courtroom and defense attorneys indicated she will live with her brother in Derry. Abreau’s brother has been receiving training from medical professionals on how to care for his sister and assist her in transferring from a bed and wheelchair.

At this time no court date has been scheduled for Abreau.

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