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Timothy Johnson Arraigned For 2021 Murder On Chestnut Street

​MANCHESTER, NH - Timothy Johnson who was the subject of a four-day manhunt in February 2021 after he allegedly fatally shot a man and fled to Massachusetts, has been returned to New Hampshire.

Johnson has been fighting extradition since 2021 when he was taken into custody in Framingham, MA.

Johnson, 39, faces a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Jean Lascelle, who was 67 when he was shot and killed on the steps of the Winter homeless shelter at 351 Chestnut Street. Both men were living at the shelter, and Lascelle was killed while outside on the steps smoking a cigarette.

He was captured in Framingham, MA but fought extradition for several months.

Lascelle was possibly targeted by Johnson due to the victim being a registered sex offender.

While Lascelle, was a registered sex offender, he was well-liked by many people at the shelter and kept to himself.

Residents at the shelter said Johnson avoided others and often had full-blown conversations with himself and would scream sometimes.

Thursday, Johnson was scheduled for arraignment in Hillsborough County Superior Court for second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm.

At a video arraignment, Johnson’s Attorney waived his arraignment and agreed on bail conditions which include Johnson being held on preventative detention at Valley Street Jail. The next step for the state will be to seek a Grand Jury indictment on the charges.

Senior Assistant Ben Agati praised the efforts of Framingham police, the Middlesex County District Attorney, and the Massachusetts Attorney General to work through the process and have him returned to New Hampshire.

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