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Road Rage Shooting At Bridge And Elm St. Leads To 10 to 20 Years In Prison For Manchester Man

Manchester, NH - Jean Carlo Medina-Correa appeared in Hillsborough County Superior Court to enter a plea of guilty to charges related to a shooting at Bridge and Elm Street last July.

Medina-Correa was involved in what was described by prosecutors as a road rage incident that began on Maple Street after an interaction with a man who had just left a gender reveal party for his child.

Prosecutors said that the victim had just left the party and was traveling north on Maple Street and turned west on Bridge Street. The traffic infraction between the victim and Medina-Correa set off the two drivers yelling at each other.

The two vehicles proceeded to Bridge and Elm Street where it was reported by witnesses and recorded on video that Medina-Correa waited until the victim’s car passed him and fired two shots at the vehicle. The gunfire hit the driver who immediately drove to Catholic Medical Center where he was treated for serious and life-threatening injuries.

Medina-Correa previously argued he acted in self-defense, and defense attorney Alexandra Fernandez brought up a prior allegation that the other driver threatened him first.

Prosecutor Jonathan Raiche told the court the victim still has one bullet still in his body. The victim only identified by his initials in court paperwork did not appear in court and said that he didn’t want to be seen due to the possibility of retaliation.

Medina-Correa was facing three felony charges for attempted murder, first-degree assault, and reckless conduct with a firearm.

In a plea deal with the state it was agreed, he would enter a plea of guilty to the first-degree assault charge and reckless conduct.

Medina-Correa was sentenced to a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 20 years stand committed in the New Hampshire State Prison for men for the first-degree assault charge. He was sentenced to 3.5 to 7 years on reckless conduct with a firearm charge, all of that is suspended for 10 years based on good behavior. Medina-Correa will receive 180 days of pre-trial confinement credit.

Jean Carlo Medina-Correa speaks to an interpreter in Hillsborough County Superior Court where he was sentenced for shooting a man in a road rage incident

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