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Motorcycle Operator Tries to Run from Police

On August 11, 2023, Manchester Police received a report that a large group of motorcycles was driving recklessly in the city. At approximately 9:15 PM several officers encountered a group of motorcycles revving their engines and were unsure if these operators were part of the same group.

The officers approached the group at the intersection of Elm St and Valley St. One officer was on a police motorcycle and positioned himself in the group as they waited at a stoplight.

Behind them, another officer activated their cruiser’s blue emergency lights signaling the group to stay stopped. Despite this, one operator looked back, and accelerated, attempting to drive away. Officers were able to quickly stop him and take him into custody.

He was identified as Jovani Matos, 20, of Manchester, and charged with Disobeying a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest. Matos was also issued citations for Operating without a License, Unregistered Vehicle, and Uninspected Vehicle.


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