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Man Indicted For False Bomb Threats

On October 24, a voicemail was left for the community manager at 1200 Elm St, which is the address of the Residences at Manchester Place apartments. This voicemail stated, "Hello, you have a bomb in your building and I'm going to be looking for each and every one of your associates that show apartments and I'm going to shoot each and every

one of them, thank you, buh bye."

While Manchester Police were on the scene, a second bomb threat came in via a voicemail left at the Merrimack Valley Assistance Program, which is an HIV/AIDS Service Organization. The voicemail stated, "I am not stopping. I think I might put a bomb in your building."

Police responded to the second scene and verified that there was no bomb or danger at either location.

After speaking with Jeffrey Faust, police learned that Faust was "losing his apartment at the end of the month and was upset that he could not find an affordable place to live so he lashed out." Faust stated that he chose the phone numbers at random from those saved in his cell phone.

Faust has been indicted with two counts of False Report as to Explosives.


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