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Man Arrested for Stealing Car with Dog Inside

On November 12, 2023 at approximately 12:30 PM, Manchester Officers responded to the PriceRite on Lincoln Street for a stolen car report.

The victim told officers that he left his car in the parking lot with his 9-month-old puppy inside. The car and puppy were gone when he came out of the store. Police searched the area for the vehicle and dog but could not locate them.

On Monday, November 13, detectives returned to Price Rite to continue their investigation and spotted a car meeting the stolen vehicle's description. When the detectives pulled partially behind the vehicle, the driver attempted to back up. The detectives turned on their siren and blue lights as they tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver sped away, nearly striking the cruiser, hitting another vehicle, and then crashing into a building. The driver exited the car and ran from detectives but was quickly taken into custody on Summer Street.

The driver was identified as Aidan Medbury, 18 of Manchester (no set address).

Also on Monday afternoon, a couple brought the missing dog into the Manchester Police Department. The dog was not injured and has been reunited with his owner.

Medbury has been charged with Reckless Conduct – Deadly Weapon, Receiving Stolen Property, Disobeying an Officer, Conduct After an Accident, Resisting Arrest, and Breach of Bail.


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