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John Delee Denied Bail And Judge Says Shooting Did Not Meet The Right To Use Self-Defense

MANCHESTER, NH - John Delee, 22 of Salem who is accused of fatally shooting Timothy Pouliot, 24 of Manchester will remain in custody and not be released on bail.

On Friday Judge Steven Houran listened to presentations from the NH Attorney General's Office which is prosecuting the case in Hillsborough County Superior Court. The state argued that Delee recklessly caused the death of Pouliot.

The defense contended that Delee had the legal right to shoot Pouliot in self-defense after Pouliot punched Delee in the street.

After several hours of presentations including the testimony of lead investigator Manchester Police Detective James Pittmam, and seeing videos the judge said he would take the information under advisement.

Monday afternoon a decision was issued by Judge Steven Houran that offered the following information

"The court concludes that, based on the evidence presented at the February 24, 2023 hearing, the State has shown by clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Delee could not have reasonably believed that Mr. Pouliot was about to use deadly force against him and that, accordingly, Mr. Delee did not act in justifiable self-defense when he shot Mr. Pouliot."

"The court finds on the totality of the evidence presented on the record of February 24, 2023, that the State has met its burden of demonstrating that Mr. Delee is charged with Second Degree Murder, an offense punishable by up to life in prison, and that, by clear and convincing, the proof is evident that Mr. Delee committed that offense and that he was not justified by self-"

***Note several additional items will be added to this article as the document becomes fully available.

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