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Four Women Arrested for Prostitution

On March 30, 2023, Manchester Police conducted an operation in the city to check for prostitution activity.

As a result of this investigation, in the area of Lincoln and Laurel Streets, four Manchester women were arrested:

  • Emma Varley, 24, was charged with Prostitution – Solicitation and Breach of Bail

  • Allison Peterson, 41, was charged with Prostitution- Solicitation and was also found to have Superior Court Bail Conditions

  • Christina Boswell, 50, was charged with Prostitution-Solicitation and has Superior Court Bail Conditions

  • Mistie Donoghue Bourgeois, 32, was charged with Prostitution – Solicitation and also has Superior Court Bail Conditions.

From left to right: (top) Varley, Peterson, (bottom) Boswell, Bourgeois


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